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Double Click to Open a Section Edit (improved)

The javascript snippet below adds the ability to double-click a section of an article to go straight to the edit mode for that section.

It is easy to add it. Just create a script.js file under your conf directory (i.e. ./conf/script.js) and append the following code snippet to it:

    $dokuWiki = jQuery('.dokuwiki');
     * If one or more edit section buttons exist?
     * This makes sure this feature is enabled only on the edit page and for users with page edit rights.
    if (jQuery('.editbutton_section', $dokuWiki).length > 0) {
        // register double click event for all headings and section divs
        jQuery('[class^="sectionedit"], div[class^="level"]', $dokuWiki).dblclick(function(){
            // find the closest edit button form to the element double clicked (downwards) and submit the form

Remember to purge the javascript cache by calling

and clean up your browser's cache as well.

Tested on Release 2012-01-25b “Angua”

The functionality of the code has been commented inline. Submit any improvements and fixes you may have.

For queries, contact the author on

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