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This is an old revision of the document!

Clean notification scheme

To make the notification system lighter (read: sending less notifications) I modified the notifications to be sent according to the following scheme:

  1. namespace subscribers get notified for new pages in the current namespace
  2. page subscribers get notified for major page modifications (they are likely subscribed to namespace as well)
  3. no one is notified for minor modifications


2 small changes need to be brought to inc/common.php

1. find


and change it to

//subscriber_addresslist($id); //replaced to clean notification scheme, more info at

2. add the following function (heavy copy-paste of existing code by Steven Danz), for instance before the function subscriber_addresslist($id) declaration.

 * Return a string with the email addresses of all the
 * users subscribed to a page
 * if $rev is set, the list of page subscribers is returned (for page update notification)
 * if $rev is not set, the list of namespace subsribers is returned (for new page notification)
 * @author Berteh <>
 * @info
function restricted_subscriber_addresslist($id,$rev=''){
  global $conf;
  global $auth;
  if (!$conf['subscribers']) return '';
  $users = array();
  $emails = array();
  $mlist = array();
  if($rev) {
    // load the page mlist file content
    if (@file_exists($file)) {
      $mlist = file($file);
      foreach ($mlist as $who) {
        $who = rtrim($who);
        $users[$who] = true;
  else { //rev not set
    // load the namespace mlist file content
    $ns = getNS($id);
    while ($ns) {
      $nsfile = metaFN($ns,'/.mlist');
      if (@file_exists($nsfile)) {
        $mlist = file($nsfile);
        foreach ($mlist as $who) {
          $who = rtrim($who);
          $users[$who] = true;
      $ns = getNS($ns);
    // root namespace
    $nsfile = metaFN('','.mlist');
    if (@file_exists($nsfile)) {
      $mlist = file($nsfile);
      foreach ($mlist as $who) {
        $who = rtrim($who);
        $users[$who] = true;
  if(!empty($users)) {
    foreach (array_keys($users) as $who) {
      $info = $auth->getUserData($who);
      if($info === false) continue;
      $level = auth_aclcheck($id,$who,$info['grps']);
      if ($level >= AUTH_READ) {
        if (strcasecmp($info['mail'],$conf['notify']) != 0) {
          $emails[] = $info['mail'];
  return implode(',',$emails);

This has been tested on dokuwiki2008-05-05, and nicely combines with the betteremailnotifications tip.

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