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Installing Templates

From version Ponder Stibbons and upward the installation and upgrading of templates is automated by the Extension Manager.

Upto version Binky you have to manually install the template 1), but the procedure is simple:

  1. Just extract the downloaded template archive (usually a .zip or .tgz file) in the lib/tpl/ folder2).
  2. Then select the template in the Config Manager by adjusting the template option.

Search Templates

Creating a Template

Please refer to the Template Development page to learn about creating your own templates. If you created a template, please share it by creating a new page in the template namespace. If you like to have a template ported to DokuWiki use the template wishlist sub-forum.

1) you can also use the plugin manager to install templates the same way you would install plugins, i.e. by copying the download URL into the URL field and hit “Download”, but that's an undocumented feature
2) If the zip file does not contain a folder itself, you have to create lib/tpl/<templatename> and unzip the template files into that one instead.
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