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template A simple template suitable for blogging with DokuWiki

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to mystyle

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:!: orphans New maintainer welcome

The Idea

This is a simple template suitable for blogging with DokuWiki.


  • custom navigation build from a wikipage



DokuWiki version download
2010-10-27 “Busy Wednesday” template-typo.tgz (:!: current stable :!:)
2009-12-25 template-typo-2009-12-25.tgz
2009-02-14 template-typo-2009-08-22.tgz
Github URL


  1. download the tarball/zip-file
  2. unpack it into <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
  3. login as admin and change the template in the configuration manager

using git:

% cd <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
% git clone git:// typo

Debian install (or probably any other distribution):

# cd /usr/share/dokuwiki/lib/tpl/
# wget
# tar -xvzf template-typo.tgz
# chown -Rv 33 typo/


You can change the following settings via the DokuWiki “Configuration Settings” Dialog.

Option Value(s)
navigation_page Name of the wikipage which should be treated as “navigation”.

First Steps

Creating the Navigation

The template looks for a wiki page called navigation, or whatever you've defined in the configuration, in the current namespace to include it as the sidebar. If this page doesn't exist the template shows a notice containing a link to create it.

Example navigation:

  * [[link1]]
  * [[link2]]
  * [[link3]]

Browser Compatibility

The template was tested with the following Browsers.

If you've seen it working with other browsers feel free to add them to the list :-)!

  • Firefox (Linux 2.0, Mac OS X, Windows Vista Service Pak 2)
  • Opera (Win / Linux 8.5, 9.01, 9.24, 10.01)
  • Chrome (Win7 7.0)

Bugs / Feature Requests

To report bugs and feature requests please use the bug tracker.


A complete changelog is available at my github page!

Sites using this Template


+ Is there any way to add/enable breadcrumbs for this template? If so, can someone show the code.

+ I have found a problem using this template. When I use a link to certain section within a page, the final position where the brower sends me is not the one which was pointed by the link. I guess that the reason is that when the page is loaded, before the toc content is hidden under the TOC bar it is shown just for two seconds. I think that it is in this moment when the browser moves to the position of the section of the link. The problem is that after the browser has moved to this position the TOC content is hidden (display:none) and it moves the whole page upside. Is it possible to avoid that the TOC content is shown for two seconds when the page is loaded.

+ I am really new at this and have a small very basic question. Does the template require any plugins to be pre-installed ? if so, what are they ? thanks.

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