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template Provide DokuWiki with a flexible sidebar

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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Provide DokuWiki with a flexible sidebar.

Download and Install

Use the following URL to download this template:

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

Sites using this Template

Security Fix

Sidebar shows navigation even I do not have access to the resources (like all resources are readable for signed on users only).
I cooked such trivial fix and notified Chris–S on IRC.

Elan Ruusamäe 2010-03-23 10:58 EET

Bug found

Using citation 1) I recognized, that obviously the same stylesheet (of the main page) is used for showing the citation-text while MouseOver. This results in partly invisibility of the citation/popup, because the first column is blank (sidebar) and the border/size of the main window is ignored. While the citations at the end of the line is not visible, you see nothing of the text. DokuWiki 2009-02-14 & latest plugin sidebar

Feature Request

Is it possible to install a config-switch (checkOnOff) to open the namespace start-page by clicking on the sidebar-navigation entry of the namespace. Instead of listing “start” in the sidebar. The name of the “start”-page is a config-data of DokuWiki, where the name can be achieved, if it is changed by the admin. Like plugin indexmenu.

Bug found

In DokuWiki v2008-05-05 In the template that I use the side bar includes index of the whole wiki. When expanding the index the side bar does not resize, so many of the name spaces and pages in the index are cropped and are half shown or not shown at all. One fix would be for the user to be able to dynamically resize the side bar frame. Another solution would be for the side bar to automatically resize itself so that all its text is shown correctly.

Bug found

FIXED In DokuWiki v2008-05-05 I had to change lib/tpl/sidebar/main.php from

    <div class="bar-right" id="bar__bottomright">
      <?php tpl_button('subscribe')?>
      <?php tpl_button('subscribens')?>
      <?php tpl_button('admin')?>
      <?php tpl_button('profile')?>
      <?php tpl_button('login')?>
      <?php tpl_button('index')?>
      <?php tpl_button('top')?>&nbsp;


    <div class="bar-right" id="bar__bottomright">
      <?php tpl_button('subscription')?>
      <?php tpl_button('admin')?>
      <?php tpl_button('profile')?>
      <?php tpl_button('login')?>
      <?php tpl_button('index')?>
      <?php tpl_button('top')?>&nbsp;

to get the “subscription” buttons OK.

Acknowledged. I'll mark the current release as develonly and release one with the single button put back ASAP. — Christopher Smith 2009/01/21 09:36
Fixed. Download packages and darcs versions updated. — Christopher Smith 2009/01/25 03:41

Bug Found

FIXED I've been trying to use the sidebar template. I like it except for one bug I've found. The menu never expands to the current location.

Example: If I'm at main:second:third:topic the menu will look like this:

\/ main
  \/ second
     + third

Third should be expanded so anything relevant can be accessed in a single click.

\/ main
  \/ second
     \/ third


< #    $ID = getNS($ID);
>     $ID = getNS($ID);
Fixed. Download packages and darcs versions updated. — Christopher Smith 2009/01/25 03:41

Plugin Version

Since this template only adds a few lines to the original DokuWiki template, I implemented this as an Action plugin. See sidebar. Hope you don't mind. — Markus Birth 2009/02/10 01:58


Minor point but would it be possible to have a better screenshot?

How do I make font size bigger on Sidebar templates?

The download link for this template is broken (as is the link to the demonstration site). Does anybody have a copy or the latest version of this template they could provide? It would be much appreciated. Thanks! — Brad Buchanan 2010/03/26

(long since) fixed. — ChrisS 2013/12/18 17:00
I found that the link to the demonstration site was broken today Tony James 2015/04/01 13:52
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