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Sandy Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

2010-10-27 "Busy Wednesday", 2011-05-25 "Rincewind"

template Template suitable for blogging

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Tagged with !discontinued, blog, cms

New maintainer welcome! Contact current DokuWiki developers via IRC or mailinglist

Previous authors:


  • custom CSS hover topbar menu via a normal wiki page




  1. download the tarball/zip-file
  2. unpack it into <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
  3. login as admin and change the template in the configuration manager

using git:

% cd <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
% git clone git:// sandy

Debian install:

# cd /usr/share/dokuwiki/lib/tpl/
# wget
# tar -xvf template-simple.tgz


This template has no configuration options yet.

First Steps

Creating the Topbar

The template generates the topbar menu from a normal wiki page which contains unordered lists of links. Therefore you have to create a page called “topbar” in your DokuWiki root namespace. Edit it and insert an unordered list of links per menu item. Don't insert anything else than these lists in this page as it will lead to garbage ;-).

  * [[menu item 1]] 
  * [[menu item 2]]
  * [[menu item 3]]


The template style can be configured via the style.ini file located in <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/sandy/style.ini.

Browser Compatibility

The template was tested with the following browsers.

If you've seen it working with other browsers feel free to add them to the list :-)!

  • Firefox (Win & Linux)
  • IE8
  • Opera
  • Midori
  • Vimprobable
  • Chrome
  • Classilla (Mac OS 9)
  • iCab (Mac OS 9)


A complete changelog is available at my github page!

Bugs / Feature Requests

To report bugs and feature requests please use the bug tracker.

Sites using this Template

Feel free to add yours!


:!: Don't post bug reports here. Use the bug tracker instead. :!:

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