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lilas Template

Compatible with DokuWiki


template Sitemap and TOC on the left.

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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:!: orphaned by author

Basically this template gives you the same information that you get when you click the Index button. It puts this in a navigation box on the left.

Download and Install

Use the following URL to download this template:

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

TOC and new dokuwiki versions

## modifications on dokuwiki-2009-02-14b
## and template_lilas_20060420, 
## to run with toc-navigation
##	by gismar[at]gmx[dot]de
# to show toc on newer dw version your 
# TOC-section in /lib/tpl/lilas/main.php 
# should look like this:
<!-- ================================= TOC ================================= -->
			$buffer = ob_get_clean();
		<?php if(tpl_toc(true) && $INFO['exists'] && isset($toc)){ ?> 
		<div class="menu pagemap">
			<div class="menutop">
				<div class="prepend"></div>
				<div class="title"><?php echo $lang["pagemap"]; ?></div>
			<div class="menubody">
				<?php tpl_toc()?>
			<div class="menubottom"><div class="prepend"></div></div>
		<?php } ?> 


# hide tocheader + toctoggle in page-navigation
# comment /inc/html.php - line 1406 - 1408

/*    $out .= '<div class="tocheader toctoggle" id="toc__header">';
  $out .= $lang['toc'];
  $out .= '</div>'.DOKU_LF;


Sites using this Template

  • bpmWiki Wiki about bpm & eam
  • Plattsalat Wiki
    (unfortunately we couldn't get the TOC to work in the new version with the above mentioned code - any help appreciated)
  • Add yours here
  • River's Edge Project
    Site with Polish articles, reports, interviews, gallery, C64. Available also in English language but only few pages are translated yet.


  • Did anybody have an idea how to masking the “start” in the namespace Site Map?
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