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hydrogen Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2024-02-06 "Kaos" unknown
  • 2023-04-04 "Jack Jackrum" yes
  • 2022-07-31 "Igor" unknown
  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" unknown

template A clean, light, responsive and modern dokuwiki theme supporting dark mode.

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By prx

Hydrogen is a light and responsive theme based on simplecss. It is clean, readable and support dark mode.


The sidebar is shown when pressing on an always accessible button: no need to scroll top. JS is not required. It contains:

  • Page tools,
  • The sidebar page
  • The table of content, always accessible.

Download and Install

Search and install the template using the Extension Manager. Refer to Template on how to install a template manually.

Sites using this Template


Screenshot of hydrogen theme
hydrogen theme sidebar
hydrogen theme show TOC in sidebar
Dark mode supported


All colors can be modified in the styling menu in admin panel.


The source code of the template is available at Tildegit:


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