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-====== dokuwiki dark Template ====== 
----- dataentry template ---- 
-Author_mail: Martin Gill 
-Description:    Modified version of the default DokuWiki template with dark colours 
-LastUpdate_dt:  2008-08-11 
-Compatible:     2008-05-05 
-Template_tags:  default, dark 
-A modified version of the default DokuWiki template that changes to dark colours, including graphics updates to aid this change. It also adds a number of small changes to make customisation easier. Full details on the website linked below. 
-===== News ==== 
-2008-08-11 (version 1.1) - Minor update to fix colours for viewing revision differences. 
-===== Download and Install ====== 
-Use the following URL to download this template: 
-  * 
-Refer to [[:template]] on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki. 
-===== Sites using this Template ===== 
-  * [[|sharpq]] home website 
-  *