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Line 13: Line 13:
 tags          : mediawiki, sidebar tags          : mediawiki, sidebar
-downloadurl   :   :
 bugtracker    : # #can be enabled in settings bugtracker    : # #can be enabled in settings
 sourcerepo    : sourcerepo    :
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 $conf['logo'       = 0; $conf['logo'       = 0;
 </code> See also [[|this fix in a different template]]. --- [[user>ach|Anika Henke]] //2015-04-21 02:28// </code> See also [[|this fix in a different template]]. --- [[user>ach|Anika Henke]] //2015-04-21 02:28//
 +==== Layout broken with Dokubook + Flusterick Manners + IE ====
 +I'm using Dokubook with DW-Flusterick Manners and IE, a combination which doesn't seem to work well. Other browsers renders the pages fine, but IE (which unfortunately is my only choice), doesn't work well, some pages are just rendered bit ugly, other (like when trying ot use latest version of ckgedit) are rendered completely unuseable.
 +Is this template still being maintained or is it time to switch to another template? 
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