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 ====== desert Template ====== ====== desert Template ======
----- dataentry template ---- +---- template ---- 
-Author_mail Jeremy Stephens # Your Name +description   : Colors based on the Desert color scheme for Vim 
-Description:    Colors based on the Desert color scheme for Vim # what is special about this template +author        : Jeremy Stephens 
-LastUpdate_dt 2009-04-09 +email         : 
-Compatible:     # Compatible DokuWiki version(s) +lastupdate    : 2009-04-09 
-Template_tags  vim, dark # comma separated tags +compatible     
-Screenshot_img URL to a screenshot (should be a bigger one)+depends       :  
 +similar       default, desertcalm 
 +tags          : !discontinued, vim, dark 
 +downloadurl   # eg. 
 +bugtracker    : # eg. 
 +sourcerepo    : eg. 
 +donationurl   : # eg.
 ---- ----
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 ===== Download and Install ====== ===== Download and Install ======
 Use the following URL to download this template: Use the following URL to download this template:
-  *  * <del>%%</del> Link is Broken
 Refer to [[:template]] on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki. Refer to [[:template]] on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.
 +===== Comments ======
 +Thanks, I like it very much but there are several bugs:
 +  * most of the icons in the editor are too dark and so unusable
 +  * in numbered lists the numbers are black (on a dark gray background)
 +  * the configuration page has visible defects (variable name above description)
 +I'll see what I can do about this when I have some time.
 +You may want to check the [[template:desertcalm]] template which is a modification of this template that fixes the above issues and more.
 ===== Sites using this Template ===== ===== Sites using this Template =====
   * N/A   * N/A
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