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Bootstrap3 Template

Bootstrap3: Hooks

HTML Hooks

All files must be located in the template directory (lib/tpl/bootstrap3/) or your conf/ directory (upgrade-safe).

File Name Position of included HTML
meta.html Inside the HTML <head>, use this to add additional styles or metaheaders
topheader.html At the very top of the page right after the <body> tag
header.html Above the upper blue bar, below the pagename and wiki title
navbar.html DEPRECATED (see the note below) - Inside the navbar, use this to add additional links (e.g. <li><a href=“/foo”>Foo</a></li>)
pageheader.html Below the breadcrumbs, above the actual content
pagefooter.html Above the lower blue bar, below the last changed Date
footer.html At the very end of the page just before the </body> tag
sidebarheader.html On top of the sidebar
sidebarfooter.html On bottom of the sidebar
social.html Below the header.html, use this to add a social buttons (eg. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
rightsidebarheader.html On top of the right sidebar
rightsidebarfooter.html On bottom of the right sidebar

:!: NOTE for navbar.html

This c10c048 commit introduced a new navbar hook (:navbar). Please use this new hook, because the navbar.html is deprecated and will be removed in the future release of template.

If you want to add only the Home-Page link, set the showHomePageLink.

DokuWiki hooks

You can customize various parts of your page by creating simple DokuWiki “hook” pages. The bootstrap3 template will plug these page snippets contained in each of these custom pages into the overall layout of the page.

Page name Description Per namespaces
:sidebar The sidebar YES
:rightsidebar The right-sidebar YES
:navbar Navbar with sub-menus YES
:pageheader Header of the Wiki article YES
:pagefooter Footer of the Wiki article YES
:footer Footer of the page YES
:cookie:banner Cookie-Law banner NO
:cookie:policy Cookie-Law policy NO
:help Help page for “Help Page Icon” YES
:header Header of page below the navbar YES
:topheader Top Header of page (on top of navbar if fixedTopNavbar is off) YES
:dropdownpage Creates a dropdown-button named after the first heading inside Navbar, but after Navbar elements, that shows content of this very page YES

This “hook” page is a standard DokuWiki page with an unordered-list of links (internal or external). The templating engine replaces the unordered-list with a menu bar with a dropdown-menu.

This is an example:

  * [[:start|Home]]
  * DokuWiki
    * [[:wiki:welcome]]
    * [[:wiki:syntax]]
    * [[:wiki:dokuwiki]]
  * [[:playground:playground]]

:!: It is possible to create different navbars for every namespaces with the same behavior of sidebar page.

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