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Bootstrap3: Discussion

I want to use the landingpage function. Can you briefly describe how I can use them. It is not clear what is meant by regex and where I have to take the page. Thank you

The landing page is a special page without a sidebar (left and right) and the panel around the content. The landing page is enabled when the current page matches with the doku pages stored in the config landingPages. The default value is (intro) but if you want enable other pages, insert the name with regex syntax. For example:

  • (intro|start), enable the landing pages for all “intro” and “start” pages of every namespaces

Thanks for the great template. What I like best that the toolbox is supported with Plugins. my page that I run here with the template:

Is there a way to add H3, H4 and even H5 to the TOC? Currently only H1 and H2 is viewable in the TOC.

The H3~H5 tags are collapsed in TOC and are displayed only during the scroll of the page. This behavior save much space in TOC especially with page with more sections (eg. :wiki:syntax).

Can I remove the filename "*.txt" from pages but keep the last edit date and name? I can only comment out "tpl_pageinfo()" in the main.php file.

The function tpl_pageinfo() does not provide options to remove the name of the page or other customization.

The correct way to remove the page info, is change value to displayPageInfo in Configuration Manager (see: Others configuration).

Is there an easy way to use Google CSE ( with your template? I would like to display the search box on one page and the search results on another page.

To implement the Google CSE see this steps (adapted from Google CSE - Implementing search box):

Copy and paste in your meta.html hook this code:

  (function() {
    var cx = 'YOUR_ENGINE_ID';
    var gcse = document.createElement('script');
    gcse.type = 'text/javascript';
    gcse.async = true;
    gcse.src = (document.location.protocol == 'https:' ? 'https:' : 'http:') +
        '//' + cx;
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
    s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s);

Select and save the two-page layout in the Google CSE Control Panel. On one page, implement a stand-alone search box, changing the resultsUrl attribute to point to the url where you want to display the results (eg.

Copy and paste this code in the sidebar (or in one of many hooks or in your preferred location):

<gcse:searchbox-only resultsUrl="YOUR_RESULTS_PAGE_URL"></gcse:searchbox-only>

To implement a stand-alone search results page, create a new DokuWiki page (eg. search) and paste the results code snippet into your results page:


Now you can trigger search results on this page by passing a q argument in the url:

:!: NOTE: If you use the <html> tag, enable the htmlok option.

How can one add text in the cookies banner?

:?: How can I add something like: “this site is using cookies, … you have to accept…” to the cookies banner. (Thanks for the template).

Adding text in the cookie banner is simple:

  • Enable the flag showCookieLawBanner in Configuration Manager
  • Create a new DokuWiki page with a text “this site is using cookies, … you have to accept…”. The default DokuWiki page is :cookie:banner
  • Optional, create a policy page (the default DokuWiki page is :cookie:policy)

Display license

Hello, thanks for your awesome template. I would like everyone passing by to see the license of the wiki, in other template is pretty visible at the bottom, is there a way to enable it with this template too or I should tweak around? — arimanePsiconauti Wiki

2015-11-30 21:36

browserTitle - adding some part of namespace

:?: Hi. Is there any way to add some part of namespace to <title> tag?
I have dozens of pages witch same ID but in different namespaces. It would be nice to display in page title mayby two last namespaces.


http://abcd.ef/favorite/dogs/timmi      <title>Timmi [MyWiki]</title>
http://abcd.ef/disliked/cartoons/timmi  <title>Timmi [MyWiki]</title>

Nicer it would look like this:

http://abcd.ef/favorite/dogs/timmi      <title>Timmi - Favorite - Dogs - [MyWiki]</title>
http://abcd.ef/disliked/cartoons/timmi  <title>Timmi - Disliked - Cartoons - [MyWiki]</title>


2015-12-03 01:22

Thank You for this functionality. I like it. There is one bug. When first header contains sign ' (#39), e.g.

====== I'm very old =====

then its printed twice

<title>I'm very old - I'm very old - Some category [MyWIKI]</title>

I'm change ' (#39) to ` (#96)


2015-12-22 23:20

2016-01-15 First of all, this is a really impressive template. Thank you! On mobile phones (both iPhone and Android), my sidebar is especially long and won't stay open. When a user opens the sidebar and scrolls up/down, the sidebar automatically disappears. Is there a way to fix this? If it helps, my site is

This behavior iwas fixed in the v2016-01-25 release of template (see the commit on GitHub)
Giuseppe Di TerlizziGiuseppe Di Terlizzi

2016-02-22 15:08

List of used fonts and where to change them

Is there a list of used fonts and where they are defined?

Just a table as the one below would be fine.

FontNameInCSS description FontFamilyName FileName
wiki__text edit-window font DejavuSansMono conf/userstyle.css

E.g. I tried to change the edit window font face and size but defining the wiki__text element in conf/userstyle.css has no effect:

dokuwiki textarea.edit, #wiki__text {
   font-family: courier, monospace !important;
   font-size: 110%;

Thomas TemplinThomas Templin

2016-04-13 05:55


I'm sorry, but the last time I really got into PHP is long ago. I'd just like to:

  1. stop the edit/last revisions/link here buttons from changing their size when mousing over
  2. remove the bottom footer

But I just don't understand it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

— clemo 2016-09-16 14:18

Hi, for the first question, can your send a screenshot of your page (via email or via GitHub issue) ? For remove the bottom footer elements (eg. badges, pageinfo) see showPageInfo and showBadges options.

Giuseppe Di TerlizziGiuseppe Di Terlizzi

2016-09-28 12:35

Hi, since the v2016-12-12 template version it's possible disable the page-tools animation via pageToolsAnimation option.

Giuseppe Di TerlizziGiuseppe Di Terlizzi

2016-12-13 17:09

Easy way to disable pagetools animation

The pagetools animations are a little bit bugged. Hover over the lowest button and moving up to the one above works. But moving the mouse from a upper button to lower button triggers the animations two times in a row. Now i added another color at hover in css and would like to disable the animations completely. Is there a more elegant way to disable the animations than removing the function in template.js in row 617ff (developer branch)?

— bobdeh 2016-11-15 20:00

Hi, since the v2016-12-12 template version it's possible disable the page-tools animation via pageToolsAnimation option.

Giuseppe Di TerlizziGiuseppe Di Terlizzi

2016-12-13 17:09

For a moment I thought I had found the answer with “showUserHomeLink” however that is the home page for the wiki. I'd really like to have a “showUserParentHomeLink” with a check box and a URL entry form! That would be really helpful. Thank you.

Does not work on latest Dokuwiki

2017-02-19a “Frusterick Manners” - appears to be a Javascript issue.

didn't notice that. Works perfectly for me. By the way, you can report on Github if you encounter issues. — DigitalinDigitalin

2017-02-24 14:19
I suggest:

- Fix file permission (specially for the new jQuery/jQueryUI dispatcher)
- Flush Cache (DokuWiki + Browser cache)
- Touch configuration file (or change an option in Configuration Manager)

Giuseppe Di TerlizziGiuseppe Di Terlizzi

2017-02-24 14:55

Clearing browser cache fixes that issue. Thanks!

Pagetools: option for no pagetools on start page

Is there any way of disabling pagetools on the “start” page? My start page is readable by ALL (non-logged in) but I don't want casual visitors to be able to see any pagetools. Or maybe and option for no pagetools unless a user is logged-in (only if user is not-ALL). Thanks in advance for any relevant information! — Branmabon KaesgardBranmabon Kaesgard

2017-02-25 17:34

As far as I can see you can go to the Admin / Configuration page, lookup

Enable the DokuWiki-style Page Tools

and change the associated selection box to When logged in.

However, if you do change only this setting then there's still the tools menu in the navbar at the top of the page, so you also may want to change this item

Display Tools in navbar

to the same setting as above.

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to prevent the actions from working, so if you manually append ?do=edit to a page URL you can still see the source code of that page. :-(

It would be nice if there was a global DW configuration option where you could disable these tools menus, as well as prevent users from viewing the page source, older revisions of the page, etc., and wouldn have to make these settings in a specific theme template like bootstrap3.

Martin BurnickiMartin Burnicki

2017-04-04 14:48

Pagetools: Back to top

Any chance to add an option in configuration to enable back to top link?

— Icmtf 2017-07-12 21:09

New Release

On Github there is a large quantity of improvements and enhancements. So meanwhile I'm getting very impatient for the moment, when these great updates will be rolled out.


2017-08-15 17:46

right? I also can not wait anymore! :(
How about making a beta if you don't fell like wanting to release a buggy experience?

— berot3 2017-10-09

New Dokuwiki Release

Upgraded to Release 2018-04-22 Release “Greebo”

Stylesheet ../dokuwiki/css/_search.css not found, using ../dokuwiki/css/_search.less instead. Please contact developer of “bootstrap3” template.

Then found that the in Extension Manager the Template for Bootstrap3 could be upgraded and the error still seems to be present. How would this get fixed?

rgleason April 22, 2018

Hi, i have added all DokuWiki core styles into Bootstrap3 template to prevent this issue with new DokuWiki release.

Please reinstall the template again.

Giuseppe Di TerlizziGiuseppe Di Terlizzi

2018-04-23 22:06

Thanks that worked! rgleason May 10, 2018

How to set TD styles for tables in bootstrap3

Excellent template, thank you. I'm trying to set some table data styles and failing miserably at the moment. Ideally I'd like to be able to set them for just one table leaving others at default but even being able to set them globally would be useful.

To set the TD CSS for just one table I've tried <HTML>stuff here</HTML> but can't make it work (I know there are security issues with this but it's a personal wiki). I've also tried putting TD settings in more global sort of places but still can't make them take effect.

Can anyone help please?

Text size, can it be set in a template independently of general browser setting?

It seems to me that the text size in bootstrap3 is smaller than the 'default' text size when my browser displays ordinary pages. Is there any way to set the overall text size in bootstrap3?

Search Results

Using the Vanilla bootstrap theme, when you use the search bar and pages with long names appear in the search results the text can overlap quite a bit. Is it possible to increase the container for the URL so that it can account for larger page names? I noticed the unordered list that contains the URLs has the class “fix-media-list-overlap” so I'm not sure if there is already a fix in place that doesn't work for greebo.

Option for no pageicons

Is it possible - similar to the pagetools - to hide all or some page icon tools for not-logged in users Currently with tpl»bootstrap3»pageIcons you can only show them for no one or for all. I would like to disallow some options for non registered.

One way/solution may be to be able to have similar options in page icons and in page tools - and simply add rss, print, permalink etc. to the pagetool.

Use with indexmenu?

I'm using the indexmenu plugin which works with other templates, but not this one (at least not by default). How do I get my index menus to appear (e.g. in a leftnav box) or is there a Bootstrap3 other than the default which already enables this?

Figured it out: my other templates were using wiki:navigation page automatically as the “sidebar” (left-nav), and this template uses the dokuwiki Basic→Sidebar setting to find the sidebar page name. The default is “sidebar”, which I don't have, so changing this to wiki:navigation allowed my left-nav menus (with indexmenu) appear with this template.

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