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 A [[http://​​|bootstrap]] based template developed for the site [[http://​​|]]. A [[http://​​|bootstrap]] based template developed for the site [[http://​​|]].
-The template needs still to be improved and is not recommended for someone who has no previous knowledge of the standard template of DokuWiki. 
-====== ​Release ​======+====== ​Releases and Features ​======
-See the source ​[[​dokuwiki-template-bootie/​#​release|repo]]+See [[github>gerardnico/​dokuwiki-template-bootie/​]]
-====== Components ====== 
-  * [[http://​​components/#​navbar-fixed-top|Top Fixed Navbar]] 
-  * [[http://​​components/#​panels-heading|Panel with heading]] in the sidebar with the [[plugin:​minimap|mini-map plugin]]. It will add a list of page of the current namespace (normally placed in the sidebar) 
-  * Headers numbering and [[:TOC]] below the first header with the [[plugin:​rplus|Rplus rendering]] plugin 
 ===== Download and Install ====== ===== Download and Install ======
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