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Beaufort Template

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template A colorful skin based on bf-skin for PmWiki and WordPress

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:!: orphans (orphaned by author)

This skin is based on on an implementation of the bf-skin for PmWiki which in turn, if I recall correctly, is based on the bf-skin for WordPress. I cannot find a trace of anymore but credits go to their creators. Since two skins have gone before, this one was called bf3. This is version 2 which has some more polish and the option to switch color scheme from within the theme option. Since it is now more than just a convert of the named themes I thought it would be appropriate to give it a name for it self:

  • Beaufort

There are 3 color themes included:

  • Sunshine is orange and blue and has a “warm” feeling to it.
  • Republic has a formal dark blue and dark red appearance.
  • Dearjohn is more cheerful with green and yellow.

Key points of the skin are:

  • Simple, yet artistically pleasing.
  • I've tried to make it easily readable by minimizing the amount of clutter.
  • Easy accessible search.
  • All most-used-functions quick to reach and in logical places.

The skin is crafted from the default DokuWiki skin. I have tried to keep most of the original tags in place so it should be mostly compatible with DokuWiki implementations. Does not work with IE6 or lower. (I've tried to make it work by adding some workarounds but I didn't get it to work. And since IE6 is getting older and older I just left it out.)

Download and Install

Use the following URL to download this template:

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

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