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arctic-mbo Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

Anteater, Rincewind, Angua

template Modified version of Arctic with translation integration and pastel colors

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Tagged with cms, pastel, sidebar, translation

This template is based on the arctic template. The main modifications are

  • translation plugin support
  • new styles/colors.
  • updates for new versions of Dokuwiki


  • 2012-06-18 :
    • new option “hidesidebar” to define where the sidebar should appear
    • sidebars disabled by default with the media manager
    • toolbar icon added for the media manager
    • search form removed when not logged in for closed wiki mode
  • 2012-06-17 :
    • update of the french translation (thx to Alphonse Philippe)
    • bug fix with nosidebar
    • added an option hidepageinfo to remove page informations
  • 2011-12-03 : update for the release candidate of “Angua”, small fix on index
  • 2011-11-29 : update for the release candidate of “Angua”, TOC and index modified
  • 2011-11-16 : update for the release candidate of “Angua”, please send me your feedback
  • 2011-09-17 : update for “Rincewind” (still compatible with “Anteater”), installation greatly simplified
  • 2011-01-09 : translation of the sitebar and removing dependence with the translation plugin
  • 2011-01-06 : first version

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Known issues

With the current Angua RC version, the index(sitemap) is not working on the sidebar. Working on it — matthieu 2011/11/24 20:34 fixed in version 2011-11-29.

Really nice template but it has one bug. When exactly the same text with links to current page is inserted in sidebar and in a wiki page, the latter has this link wrapped in <span class=“curid”> … </span> while same link in sidebar does not. — Andriy 2011/12/28

Hi Andriy, the sidebar is rendered like a normal pages, so the current page of the sidebar is the sidebar itself. The curid will be used if there is a link to the sidebar. Changing this behavior would need to rewrite a lot of Dokuwiki code. — matthieu 2012/06/17 21:22
What about the following fix in the tpl_functions.php around line 300 (original line is commented and new one is inserted right after it; the code was found and copied from one of DokuWiki templates):
function p_sidebar_xhtml($sb,$pos,$subst=array()) {
    //$data = p_wiki_xhtml($sb,'',false);
    $data = p_render('xhtml',p_get_instructions(io_readWikiPage(wikiFN($sb),$sb)),$iinfo);
Just checked it on fresh DokiWiki + arctic-mbo – it works.
Of course, the following CSS should be added somewhere to template CSS files. — Andriy 2012/07/26
.curid {
  font-weight: bold;

Another thing: in my config I have checked “Closed Wiki (Navigation shows only the login link if not logged in)” checkbox, but search form is still visible even for not logged in visitors. — Andriy 2011/12/28

should be solved in the last version. — matthieu 2012/06/18 00:02

CSS for TOC in Adora Bell or later

I have table of Contents in each page rendered incorrectly with latest DokuWiki. Anyone know how to solve this? / 2013/02/15

Please have a look on changes, some of the exclamation marks are template related. For more detailed changes is releases available. The pointed commits contains a description. — Klap-in 2013/02/15 13:14
I have the same problem: The TOC is always on top of the text, not in a special section on the right side like it was in former versions of dokuwiki. What ca I do? — Juergen 2013/06/21
We are also having the table of contents error, did anyone figure out how to fix it? Klap-in's note above didn't make sense to me. 2013/08/23
Since DokuWiki 2012-09-10 “Adora Belle”, HTML for TOC (Table of Contents) has changed for improvement. Here is a snip of CSS for new HTML. Add or insert these lines to design.css file. Hope to work.
/* ---------- table of contents for Arora Bell and newer ---------- */
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc {
  margin: 1.2em 0 0 2em;
  float: right;
  width: 200px;
  font-size: 80%;
  clear: both;
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc h3 {
  border: 1px solid __border__;
  background-color: __background_alt__;
  text-align: left;
  font-weight: bold;
  padding: 3px;
  margin: 0 0 2px 0;
  font-size: 1em;
div.dokuwiki .toggle strong {
    border: 0.4em solid __background_alt__;
    float: right;
    display: block;
    margin: 0.4em 3px 0 0;
div.dokuwiki .toggle span {
    display: none;
div.dokuwiki .toggle.closed strong {
    margin-top: 0.4em;
    border-top: 0.4em solid __text__;
div.dokuwiki strong {
    margin-top: 0;
    border-bottom: 0.4em solid __text__;
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc > div {
  border: 1px solid __border__;
  background-color: __background__;
  text-align: left;
  padding: 0.5em 0 0.7em 0;
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc ul {
  list-style-type: none;
  list-style-image: none;
  line-height: 1.2em;
  padding-left: 1em;
  margin: 0;
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc ul li {
  background: transparent url(images/tocdot2.gif) 0 0.6em no-repeat;
  padding-left: 0.4em;
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc ul li.clear {
  background-image: none;
  padding-left: 0.4em;
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc a:link,
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc a:visited {
  color: __extern__;
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc a:hover,
div.dokuwiki #dw__toc a:active {
  color: __text__;

s.sahara 2013/08/27 10:28


Any chance we can get this to work with Weatherwax? -Aaron

I hope :) (Still the best template for me) -Markus
I hope too. — s.sahara 2013/08/27 16:10
very Nice Template! Thank you
Thanks :-)matthieu 2011/11/16 23:09
The best Template for me at this time, Thank you very much! Markus
Thanks :-)matthieu 2011/11/24 20:34

media manager

This is a great template. It is not compatible with the new media-manager yet :-(.

- does not show the button
- the popup media manager “select file” functionality shows fail-messages

The Arctic template (or Arctic-mbo) is one of the most important templates around. Once these templates have been updated the switch to Angua will be possible widely.
I did a quick modification for the Agua RC. Please send me your feedback. — matthieu 2011/11/16 23:07
It works, nice! I have two comments:

- I would prefer the sidebars to be hidden in the full page mode of the media-manager. Chimeric did this for the admin and diff-views too. The center-page lacks space with this template, »>overflows happen everything is a bit tight.
- The action links in the template are preceded by icons, the Media-Manager action link still misses such an icon

I tried to send feedback through the forum but got access denied. Hope you pick this up here. — harald 2011/11/21 22:21
I will see if I can add an option — matthieu 2011/11/24 20:34
An option has been added and the sidebars are off with the media manager by default. icon has been added as well. — matthieu 2012/06/18 00:03
Nice template. Is there a option to put a logo at the top ? Nadir.
Where exactly would you like to have the logo ?
Left upper corner would be ideal.I guess I would have to change the code?Nadir
I think the best way is to edit main.php at the line 51 and add an <img> inside the div “header” or “pagename”. — matthieu 2011/12/21 11:16

how to configure

Hi, I have extracted and kopied the files for this Template to the said folder (lib/tpl). When I login to Dokuwiki and open the Configuration manager I cannot find the place where to activate this template. Can someone help? Many thanks in advance. Patrick
You can activate the template into the admin parameters (Admin » configuration » template), you can also find more details at this page :

group sidebar

Hi, thanks for this nice template. I assumed that group sidebars are applicable as described for the artic template but although I triple-checked my acl-settings and everything else, I don't get it working. Does this template support group sidebars? If yes, what could I possibly have overseen? I don't have to add the sidebar in the sidebars folder, do I? Some help is very appreciated. 2012/01/11 0:12

Yes it is supported and working (just checked), can you confirm that :
- you are in a group, for example named “family”
- you have checked the group checkbox in the setting tpl»arctic-mbo»left_sidebar_content or tpl»arctic-mbo»right_sidebar_content
- you created group:family:sidebar page where family is the name of the group

namespace sidebar

Hi, great template. While migrating to it I've found a difference between arctic and arctic-mbo regarding namespace sidebars. If I have pages called clients:abc, clients:abc:proj1, clients:abc:proj2 and clients:abc:sidebar, then the sidebar only displays when looking at the client:proj1 and client:proj2 pages, but not when looking at clients:abc. Using arctic I do see the sidebar when viewing clients:abc. Is there any chance you can make the arctic-mbo template behave like arctic? Many thanks and regards, Brian

Hi Brian, artic-mbo should behave the same (unless it changes recently), what is your sidebar configuration ? what are the names of your sidebar files ? — matthieu 2012/06/17 21:33

I have the exact same problem with a sidebar, that works fine under arctic but not arctic-mbo. I'll try to find your email and contact you that way. rsmiller 2012/09/03 14:50

Hi, we also really like this template, but so far have not been able to figure out where to adjust the color of the background of the admin bar. The one with the Edit this page, Media Manager, Admin, Logout etc buttons. Anyone know where to change that color? I tried a lot of the options in the style.ini but couldn't find it. Thanks!

Hi, this should be the line 70 of arctic_layout.css — matthieu 2012/07/11 20:52

Hi, first thanks for this very nice template. I try to put a link behind a banner at the top (picture) but I don't know/find where I can give this link/addresse. Thanks for your help, Jul'

Hi, send me an image of what you want to do by email. — matthieu 2013/05/01 10:17
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