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amanuensis Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

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template Template with dropdown menus, valid pagelink insertions, etc.

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

This template is intended to make DokuWiki a little easier to use for non technical users by:

  1. Providing a dropdown index, showing pages organized by namespace
  2. Add an easy means of inserting links to valid pages
  3. Replace namespace/page construct with one of pages and subpages
  4. Add a form to directly add new pages (and subpages)
  5. Keep it clean, keep it wiki

Download and Install

Use the following URL to download this template:

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki. Then follow these steps:

  1. Copy about.txt and help.txt from the root of the templates directory to /data/wiki
  2. Add the following lines to /conf/local.php
    $conf['amanuensis']['nspages'] = 'true';


    $conf['amanuensis']['addpage'] = 'true';
  3. Replace the logo /lib/tpl/amanuensis/images/logo/amanuensis.png with one of your choosing
  4. Do the following modifications

To show pages describing namespaces:

Note: The following modification will break the index (and it will not appear as an option). Because the index functionality is largely provided by the dropdowns, this may not be a problem.

In /conf/local.php set

$conf['amanuensis']['nspages'] = 'true';

This setting can be set to 'false' to disable this behavior (and re-enable the index) after the following mod has been added.

And in /doku.php add the following after line #41

    if  ($conf['amanuensis']['nspages'] == 'true'){
      $conf['amanuensis']['dokunsmod'] = true;    //flags that mod has been added
        if (!empty($IDX)){

To provide form to add page and subpage:

In /conf/local.php set

$conf['amanuensis']['addpage'] = 'true';

And in /doku.php add the following after line #41 (or after the modification above)

    if  ($conf['amanuensis']['addpage']=='true'){
    $conf['amanuensis']['addpagemod'] = true;    //flags that mod has been added
    if($ACT == 'addpage'){
      if ($_REQUEST['newpagename']){
        if ($_REQUEST['addpage']=='SubPage'){
          $IDX = NULL;
        if ($_REQUEST ['addpage']=='Page'){
     $ACT = 'show';


Hovering over the page name will produce a dropdown menu, showing pages and their subpages. Hovering over sections of the name will show only those pages beneath that level. Clicking on a pagename will navigate to that page. ACL will control which pages are visible.

When DokuWiki is in edit mode, the pagename and the dropdown menus are rendered in italic text. Clicking on a pagename in edit mode will insert that page name as a link at the caret.

With 'nspages' set to true, the namespace and page construct is replaced by that of pages and subpages. That is linking to a namespace will go to a page of the same name. These namespace descriptive pages do not show in the dropdown menus. This change breaks DokuWiki's index, however the index functionality is provided by the dropdowns.

Setting 'addpage' set to true, will show a form to directly add pages and subpages.

There are various stylistic changes. These may be modified by editing the appropriate CSS.


  • This is an initial release. I am not a programmer. Beware.
  • There is currently no caching for the menus. On large sites this could result in excessive server load and download time

Compatible browsers

Amanuensis works reasonably well in the following browsers:

  • IE win
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Non-compatible browsers

The code for the dropdowns is problematic in some browsers. Please help by listing problematic browsers, so i can add browser sniffing to degrade them gracefully.

  • IE mac

No wonder why, Microsoft stopped upgrading IE Mac for more than 6 years now. Anyway, There is much better than IE on a Mac… And believe me, Amanuensis works really fine on Safari, Shira, Firefox, Netscape or Camino.


This template uses a dropdown menu,

SWIM2.0 :: Simple website menu by brothercake

Licensed under GPL

Revision List

  • 2005-11-30 — initial release


  • Warning: strpos(): Empty delimiter. in z:\home\public\www\docs\lib\tpl\amanuensis\inc\index.php on line 98 after pasting code from section “To show pages describing namespaces” into doku.php. The rest works fine. — Alexander Kraeved 2005-12-05 17:14
  • This problem is fixed by adding the following line to /conf/local.phpGreen Box 2006-01-07 11:40
 $conf['amanuensis']['nssuffix'] = '-_dx';

Summary Drop Table width

clic to enlargeReally great template, smooth and simple and elegant. Bravo! My only complaint is about the Summary Drop Table on the upper right of a page. It looks like the width of it is really too short, so that each entry is printed in 2 or 3 rows, even with very short titles… Is it a bug with Firefox? Can I change it to a better width? Here is a screenshot, more clear than my weird English.

Up-right menu display question

Am wondering if anyone could suggest as how I could modify to make the up-right menu fully display in the language of my choice (e.g. big5 encoding).

Please refer to this image pertaining to my question, thanks.

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