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The following files provide the top nav toolbar for all the dokuwiki sites:

  • /var/www/xref/phpxref/dokuwiki_footer.html - xref
    to update xref pages after changing this file, either wait for the nightly cronjob to run (3am CET) or run the following at the console
    # switch to user xref
    sudo su xref
    # rebuild xref
    cd /var/www/xref/phpxref
    /var/www/xref/phpxref/ -c /var/www/xref/phpxref/conf/dokuwiki.cfg >/dev/null
  • /var/www/wiki/htdocs/lib/tpl/dokuwiki/dwtb.html - all other sites
    changing this file instantly updates the toolbar for the sites which use it.
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