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Plugin pages - Archived discussions

Structure of (new) plugin pages

Mailinglist-Topic - Another major task we are facing is the quality of the different plugin-pages. While some represent a well-kept structure and content other have no or at least some unstructured content.

We should write down some points to create a “policy” for the plugin pages how the should look like and what have to be documented on it.

(The top10 pages should give us a good start and inspirations.)


(Not all points are appropriate to all plugins)

Page structure
  • Fully filled header-formula
  • Overview of what is the plugin for
  • Screenshot of the plugin in action (Demo page?)
  • Changelog section
  • Download / Configuration / Installation Howto
  • Usage / Examples
  • Information about bugs
  • Certain section where the user can write down / discuss about the plugin. (IMHO: There's no need for the user to edit lines above)


  • What would be a nice way to get masses of comments in a more tidy way?
  • How should be plugin-pages handled, when the offered plugin ownes security leaks and/or destroys the wiki installation?

My suggestion for basic layout of plugin homepagesHåkanS 2010/10/16 20:20 (I think the users are searching, reading summary, download, tries, doh!, read examples, tries IRC, read syntax/config, get it half working, post comments in discussion, eventually post in the forum) Changelog are for the careful few who reads the whole page before installing ;-)

I guess on the basic layout, at least for plugins that get a lot of comment, I would suggest that the discussion go to a separate page which is linked to from the plugin's home page. It just appeals to my sense of order. The official stuff goes on the home page plus anything that becomes official which is taken out of the discussion material. And now that Andi has implemented subscriptions, maybe we can include an instruction on the plugin template that encourages plugin authors to subscribe to their plugin pages. That could help to keep things under control.— turnermm 2010/10/22 05:40

A subject that came during a discussion at the IRC channel (relevant link) indicates that users may face some trouble when they navigate plugin pages to dins the following in the instructions: “Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above” (emphasis mine). Then they scroll up but won't find a “download URL”, not even a “download link”; only if they get the idea of hovering their mouse over the “cute” puzzle piece icon, they will be presented with a text indicating an available download. My suggestion, mirroring what Michitux stated about the subject, is that the instructions should be clearer. If possible, the download link text should not be hidden, or a more standardized icon, like a floppy disk or a nard disk with an arrow, should be used. The sentence with the instructions above should also be clearer as well. The possibility to include an action redirect to immediately download a plugin (something like plugin:pluginpage?do=download) was discussed as well.. — ryan.chappelle 2011/01/24 16:01

If I am right, the design of the plugin formula will change, after splitbrain and Hakan have published the new plugin repository. One point is, it is more obvious where plugin package is linked. — lupo49 2011/01/24 19:39

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