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The members of the I18N-Team handle the different translation sets and keep the translator informed about new strings.


  • coordinate translations
  • inform translators on new strings
  • inform translators on documentation changes that need retranslation
  • correct typos in current translations

Who we are?

Information store

Available translators/languages on i18n-Mailinglist

Language Name
DE M. S. 2011/07/11 13:41,
Arne 2011/07/11 13:51,
EN M. S. 2011/07/11 13:41,
Arne 2011/07/11 13:51,
Vince 2011/07/11 13:59,
EO Felipe 2011/07/11 14:26,
Robert 2011/07/11 22:37
EU inkoia 2011/08/31 19:24
FR Vince 2011/07/11 13:59,
PT André 2011/07/11 14:39
RU Aleksandr 2011/07/11 19:18

Consistent translations

The following table(s) should be used to generate consistent translations and appearances of some several translation strings. It's easier for the DokuWiki community to find the same terms for the meanings in the localizations.
The translators should always use one specific term of their target language to translate the English term. The table will avoid using synonyms for one term. Normally, not every English word is translated to the target language (either there is no word for it or it would sound bad), those ones should be listed here also.

Maybe it's needful to discuss about the one or other term, but please add them first here.


English German
syntax plugins, admin plugins, … Syntax-Plugins, Admin-Plugins, …
Tag Schlagwort
tagged with Markiert mit
Bugs Bugs
Features ????????
Templates Templates
bundled gebündelt
source repository Quellcodeverwaltung
screenshot Screenshot


English French
syntax plugins, admin plugins, … Syntax-Plugins, Admin-Plugins, …
Tag Tag
tagged with Tagué avec
Bugs Bugs
Features Fonctionnalités
Templates Templates
bundled intégré?
source repository dépôt
screenshot capture d'écran


English Russian
syntax plugins, admin plugins, … Syntax-плагины, Admin-плагины, …
Tag Тег
tagged with С тегом
Bugs Ошибки
Features Особенности
Templates Шаблоны
bundled в комплекте
Source repository Репозиторий кода
Screenshot Скриншот
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