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Work items

Todo items and discussion about outstanding work on improving the documentation at

Wiki root :*

  • Organize normal wiki pages
  • Update cli tools info:
    • Add the remaining scripts to the cli page
    • Update/replace dokuwiki parser cli with render.php (it is not linked any where too)
  • are all pages in :tips namespace linked?

Devel :devel:*

Organize devel namespace (start page: development)

After the wiki reorganisation in 8/2008, all developer information were collected in the devel namespace. These pages have to be reorganized a bit to make new developers feel home quickly. On this page we can track the process, discuss on single issues etc.

Not much work has been done for some time. Added “Getting Started” and are now playing with a new index. — HåkanSHåkanS

2011/01/23 15:08

  • plugin_homepages – at least cleanup, otherwise integrate relevant remarks in template.txt of plugin-namespace.
  • infoarray – example of environment
    is it relevant? – is about $INFO? remove?
  • filemodes – old stuff? – remove/integrate
  • smileys.conf – it is in git, but why is this not in xref? – fix [[xref>]]
  • jsrefactor – old stuff. Seem implemented at all. Time to remove.

Needed improvements for new programmers during Google Summer of Code.

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