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Additional syntax

To simplify the usage of the wiki some not default syntax is available at

[[bug>1234]] 1234
[[issue>234]] 234
[[PR>123]] 123
[[github>5d873dd4ce]] 5d873dd4ce
[[plugintype>8]] 8
[[plugintag>include]] include
[[templatetag>sidebar]] sidebar
[[bitcoin>1Dokuw1Ki8dGk4p2hAWZv4TwGj8Ax1Vcqz]] Donate to DokuWiki
[[lspace>Hrun]] Hrun

FIXME Not sure if it's worth it adding lspace and notes here?


  • Add an anchor to the plugin table: [[plugintype>128#extension__table|Auth Plugins]]


  • !cr!<div style="clear: right; float: right;"></div> (which is weird, no idea where that is used and why!?)
  • !usermap! ⇒ iframe used in usermap
  • !calendar! ⇒ iframe used in calendar


Xref Plugin

Xref Plugin:

[[xref>inc/actions.php]] inc/actions.php
[[xref>act_dispatch()]] act_dispatch()
[[xref>$INPUT]] $INPUT
[[xref>JpegMeta]] JpegMeta

UBNlink Plugin:

[[user>Klap-in]] Klap-inKlap-in

Teaser Plugin

Teaser Plugin :

Only used at frontpage. Creates responsive blocks.

<dokuteaser> block...

Gallery Plugin:


Repository Plugin

The Repository Plugin drives all plugin and template related pages with syntax described on its plugin page and its manual.

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