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DokuWiki is used in many applications, for example private diaries, as CMS and for software documentation. Getting the most of your installation usually involves a number of plugins and or some other tricks. Here we share tried solutions to different applications.

The solutions namespace focuses primarily on groups of recommended plugins that work together. Small tips should go to the tips section.

Recommended plugins should (with some rare exceptions)

  • have a clean understandable plugin wiki page
  • have a working download link
  • been tested with the latest version of DokuWiki
  • be actively maintained (author replies by mail)


Common Plugins - DokuWiki comes with a small number of bundled plugins. However almost every installation, large or small, has use of some more plugins. Here you can find the most common ones.

CMS - Using DokuWiki as a lightweight content management system.


I would like to see pages about

  • Corporate Collaboration
  • Private Wikis
  • Blogging, move and improve Blogging with DokuWiki
  • Thesis and Book Creation
  • Software Documentation
  • Quality Management Systems

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