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 ===== Solutions ===== ===== Solutions =====
 +A general overview of handy plugins can be found at [[solutions:nice|nice plugins]] (or more short at [[solutions:common_plugins|Common Plugins]] )
-[[solutions:common_plugins|Common Plugins]] - DokuWiki comes with small number of [[plugintag>!bundled|bundled]] plugins. However almost every installation, large or small, has use of some more plugins. Here you can find the most common ones.+Specific solutions are presented at: 
 +  * [[solutions:cms|CMS]] - Using DokuWiki as lightweight content management system
-[[solutions:cms|CMS]] - Using DokuWiki as a lightweight content management system+  * [[solutions:writing|Document Writing]] - Using DokuWiki to write documents or books.
-[[plugin:projects|Projects]] - Use DokuWiki as a tool for collaboration on software development and content creation. Basically, it turns a wiki into an environment that can generate files using some source files and some recipe (rules). 
 ===== Discussion ===== ===== Discussion =====
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-Perhaps for Business-Blogs, this could help: 
-  * [[plugin:slideshare]] 
- --- [[user>DocOz]] //2011/09/20// 
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