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Document Writing

DokuWiki can be used to write smaller or larger documents or even books. This page lists some plugins that help you with the different aspects/tasks of writing. (Writing in this case only refers to writing documents, not blogging)

Export to other formats

If you write larger documents you probably want to export them to other formats to share or print them. The following export plugins help you with that:

Plugin Description
ODT plugin Exports pages to the Open Document Format for text. This format is editable by LibreOffice or OpenOffice.
DW2PDF plugin Exports pages to the Portable Document Format.
Text plugin Exports pages to pure, plain text.

Grouping pages

If you write larger documents or books it would be very uncomfortable to put all content in one wiki page. Instead you would e.g. like to put one chapter in one page. Then how can multiple pages be grouped together and exported to other formats?

The Bookcreator plugin can help you with that. It allows you to add and remove pages to a so called selection. Once you are finished with adding all pages you can export them as one single document. The bookcreator plugin works together with the ODT, PDF and Text plugin. So bookcreator selections can be exported to this formats.

Repeating content

Some times you might have text sections or snippets which you use in multiple documents. This e.g. could be copyright notices, author introduction etc… The Include plugin lets you insert the content of one wiki page into other pages. You just need to add an include-tag to the required page and it will look like the content belongs to that page where you placed the include-tag. But be aware: changing the included page changes all pages which included it also.

Writing Helpers

DokuWiki can also help you with your writing style. The readability plugin analyzes your texts and rates the readability on different academic scores.

A user script can count words for you.


If many people are working on a document it might be required to mark a page as a draft. Then other people need to review and approve it before e.g. exporting and releasing it (put it online, print it). The Publish plugin supports reviewing with a simple approval/draft system.

Using formulas

In scientific or technical documents it is often required to represent formulas of different kind. The following plugins help you with that:

Plugin Description
Chem plugin Insert molecular formulas.
MathJax plugin Insert mathematical formulas and other.
Mathpublish plugin Insert mathematical formulas.
Mimetex plugin Insert mathematical formulas.
Latex plugin Renders inline LaTeX code.

Extended Formatting

The basic DokuWiki formatting capabilities are not enough for you? The following plugins extend the basic formatting in multiple ways:

Plugin Description
Wrap plugin Universal plugin with various features: text boxes with/without icons, indenting/outdenting, text alignment, multiple columns…
Typography plugin Modify the text style, e.g. the font, style, color, size…
Exttab3 plugin Let's you modify the style of your tables (e.g. cell background color, column width)
Emphasis plugin Simple text highlighting.
Changemarks plugin Mark portions of text as inserted, deleted or highlighted.
Keyboard plugin Marks text as keyboard keys.

Some of these plugins support a very complex layout which can not always be transported to the ODT or PDF export in a 100% correct way. It is recommended to figure out which features you like to use and test them with your desired export formats before you start writing larger texts.

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