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Nice plugins

A selection of regularly used and useful plugins for DokuWiki.

Wiki text editing support

Linksuggest Plugin

Autosuggestions when typing links in texteditor


Edittable Plugin

Provides a visual table editing and inserting interface. Easy accessible via button below each table.

Edittable Editor more...

AddNewPage Plugin

Put 'add new page' forms within pages, with optional namespace selection.


dropfiles Plugin

Drag-and-drop files into the edit area to upload them. Plugin has an option for the inserting syntax as well.


CodeMirror Plugin

Enhances DokuWiki's Editor with syntax highlighting


More syntax

Wrap Plugin

Wraps text section in a box that can be lay-outed for different purposes e.g. notes, warning, etc, but also styling, alignment, highlichting, colors and much more.


Generates album from uploaded images or from RSS feed of photo sites


VShare Plugin

Easily embed videos from various Video Sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo.


Color Plugin

Colored text and background. Choose color by name or code.


Fontcolor Plugin

Colored text (no background color)


Emphasis Plugin

Colored text and background. Very simple syntax for marking with 3 different colors.


Comment Plugin

Add comments or notes to your wiki source text that won't be shown on the page


MathJax Plugin

Write formulas as LaTeX, and they are displayed nicely


CSV Plugin

Let you include (remote) comma-separated files as table


Imagereference Plugin

Creates numbered references to images/tables in your text by unique reference names


Typography Plugin

Modify many text parameters like color, font - size/family/weight and more…


Auto listing

Indexmenu Plugin

Show a customizable and sortable index for a namespace. Can also be used in sidebars/menus.


Changes Plugin

List the most recent changes of the wiki


Cloud Plugin

Show a cloud of the most frequently used words in your wiki (requires Pagelist for listing)


Filelist Plugin

Show a sorted list of files in a filesystem directory or wiki namespace. Can display preview images or icons according to the filetype.



Translation Plugin

Help with translation efforts in a multilingual wiki by adding navigation and suggestions.


Tag Plugin

Assign category tags to wiki pages.


Include Plugin

Include another wiki page into the current one


Move Plugin

Toolbar button for renaming Move pages, media files and namespaces while maintaining the link structure. Interface for adminsmore...

Bureaucracy Plugin

Easily create forms to collect data which can be sent via email or used to create new wiki pages.

Form created with Bureaucracy more...

Struct Plugin

Let you define schemas for data fields, which you can assign to pages. When editing a page you can fill data according the schema. Data can be output as tables. Inline editing in tables. Updating a schema will update it for all pages.

The Struct Plugin is the new generation of Data plugin.


Strata Plugin

Add and query semi-structured data in your wiki. Similar to Data plugin, but has a more sophisticated query syntax. Outputs lists and tables. (Can be extended with graphs and templated outputs.)


Data Plugin

Add and query structured data to wikipages in your wiki. Let you add a data entry block per page. This data can be used for creating lists, tables and clouds.



Upgrade Plugin

Update your DokuWiki with a few clicks from the admin interface

Upgrade interface more...

Templatepagename Plugin

Let you use namespace templates which are editable by normal wiki users. The default template pagenames are '_template.txt' and __template.txt, which are only editable as server admin. This plugin renames (in a configurable manner) these templates to normal wikipages.


ConfManager Plugin

Plugin to manage various configuration files via the Admin interface instead of via the server's file system

Edit, disable or override values in *.conf files via an Admin interface


Protection against spam and misuse

Captcha Plugin

Use different methods to defeat spambots. Default for user invisible methods are used, but e.g. an image verification (CAPTCHA) and audio method are available as well.

Example CAPTCHA with image and Audio more...

PreRegister Plugin

Extra registration layer with confirmation link for added security, optional captcha support. more...


DW2PDF Plugin

Export button Export DokuWiki page content to PDF


ODT Plugin

Exports a page to the Open Document format which can be opened by e.g. and


Bookcreator Plugin

Allow to select some pages and create a book (PDF, ODT or text)

Book managermore...

LaTeXit Plugin

Export a single or multiple DokuWiki pages into one LaTeX file. It will export all media in a ZIP archive. It also supports exporting syntax from the plugins imagereference, mathjax and zotero.



Do Plugin

The do plugin allows users to create simple tasks/todos in wiki pages and can list these tasks.


S5 Plugin

Create slideshow presentations from a DokuWiki page. Adds a button that let start the presentation in the browser.


Publish Plugin

An approval/draft system (aka. sighted revisions) for DokuWiki



Discussion Plugin

Adds a comments section to wiki pages


Blog Plugin

Use DokuWiki as blogging tool. Setups a blog in combination with the Include and Tag Plugins. Can be further improved with discussion, linkback, bloglinks and Avatar plugins. (see also blogging tips)


blogTNG Plugin

An all-in-one blog plugin, which add blogging features to your DokuWiki. Provides also tagging, comments, backlinking and more.


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