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Common Plugins

DokuWiki comes with a small number of bundled plugins. However almost every installation, large or small, has use of some more plugins.


Looking through the wealth of plugins (more than 600) may be hard for new users and popular plugins may not always be the best choice. The solution is this list of common useful plugins compiled by experienced DokuWiki users.

Note to editors: We should keep this list short, well motivated and updated. If needed provide more than one alternative.



Move plugin - There is no core functionality to rename pages. Move plugin is able to rename and move pages between different namespaces while maintaining the link structure. The move plugin moves images and pages to new namespaces or pages. The plugin mostly works correctly, but when you also use plugins which aren't compatible with the Move plugin some backlinks might break.

Syntax and Embedding

The Wrap plugin is a popular syntax plugin that can provide a variety of new options, including pre-set info boxes (such as caution, warning, or informational) that can inform the reader of the status of the current page.

The Tag plugin will extend DokuWiki to have article tags, which can be added in several places in a page.


We should recommend some plugin(s) for highlighting messages, like Wrap Plugin, Note Plugin or box plugin

Discussion Plugin, Blog Plugin and BlogTNG Plugin are another common group of plugins.

Maybe some navigation plugin like Indexmenu plugin, Tag Plugin and Cloud Plugin

Last on my list is something in the category Gallery Plugin

HåkanS 2010/09/27 22:03

Other good modules

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