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DokuWiki can convert text smileys to their graphically equivalent. The default images and the user defined images are automatically shown in the Smiley picker of the toolbar.

The default smileys images are stored in the lib/images/smileys/ directory and configured in the conf/smileys.conf file. Wiki admins can configure their own smileys, see below. Or you can install and use the Configuration File Manager.

Instead of using .gif based pixel graphics DokuWiki versions since Igor 2022 release use SVG smileys based on the Twemoji project.

Customize smileys

To add your own smileys, and make them upgrade-safe as well, you should follow these instructions instead of mixing them with the default-smileys from Dokuwiki-package:

  1. Create a new folder called local inside the smileys-dir

    and put the imagefiles into it (make sure the images are readable by the webserver). The default dokuwiki smileys are about 24 pixels tall.

  2. Create a custom smiley-config file at

    and prefix each image filename with “local/…”

An example configuration file could look like this:

# Custom Smileys
# Images are seen relatively from the smiley directory lib/images/smileys/
:MYFACE:                local/i_am_so_pretty.png

# or eventually disable a smiley by mentioning the key, without image path.

Notes and hints

  • It is good practice to surround your own text macros with colons (“:”), like “:REPLACEME:
  • Because it is reserved to mark a comment line, a hash (#) needs to be escaped by a backslash (\#). You can't use $ in the configuration file.
  • If your newly added smiley does not appear in your edit toolbar popup, it is almost always a problem of caching. You may have to purge the cache, then refresh your page.
  • Make sure to have a space before and after the smiley when adding to a wiki article (e.g. Test :NEW: smiley).

User provided additional smileys

The following smileys were created by DokuWiki users, using a similar style to the default ones. If you like them place them in your smiley directory and adjust the config file.

User provided additional smileys packs

The following smileys packs were created by DokuWiki users, using a similar style to the default ones. If you like them place them in your local smiley directory (lib/images/smileys/local) and create/copy/adjust the config file (conf/smileys.local.conf). Remember to touch “conf/local.php” to refresh WYSIWYG editor cache.

More examples at

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