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The term signature, as used in the context of this Wiki, describes a certain line appended to a stretch of text on a page and marking the preceding text as originating from the person named in the signature.

It usually consists of a distinctive marker to separate it from the preceding text and at least the name of the person that inserted the signature and the date and time of insertion. Additionally it may contain a link to the person's email address, his webpage, or his user page in the Wiki. Instead of giving the user's full name it is common to use only a username or nickname, or other short form of name.

The form of a Wiki signature is remotely similar to that of signature blocks used in email messages or forum posts but it conforms to different conventions in length and content due to its slightly different function. Whereas in an email or post, the signature lists comprehensive contact information and marks the whole message as authored by the signing person, in the multi-author context of a Wiki the signature only refers to the immediately preceding text. Therefore, there may be dozens of different signatures on a single Wiki page, some even from the same person. Its main function is to identify the author and insertion time of a passage of text and for the sake of brevity, it only gives a minimal pointer to additional information about the person in question.

In the DokuWiki, when you edit a page while you are logged in, there will be an additional quickbutton to insert your signature. The form of the signature depends on the local configuration settings but usually includes at least the user name and the current date and time.


The signature can be configured via the signature option.

The following example gives the format of the default signature (the format of the date and time may also differ depending on your local configuration):

 --- //[[|Joe Doe]] Y/m/d HH:MM//

This displays as:

Joe Doe 2012/02/27 10:55

You are free to enter your own form of signature manually, just precede it with the following marker:

 --- //your signature here
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