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-====== Overview ====== +__**Crown/​bridge**__ 
- +  - Prepare the tooth, take impression & temporary 
-FreeNAS is a very simple yet reliable file server. It's main feature is the ZFS filesystem (a next generation filesystem) gives it the ability ​to maintain data integrity at any scaleIn order to fully utilize this filesystem ​the storage must be shared out. This is accomplished ​with the SMB (single message block) protocol using Samba. When sharing data on a network ​the data must be protectedTo maintain access control Samba can also be used to manage permissions and to authenticate to a Active Directory domainWith Samba we are able to take full advantage of the benefits of ZFS while maintaining a secure windows environment. +  - Fill in the lab form - Name of pt, Male/​Female,&​ date wanted & prepare ​the plastic bag - stick note on top of  the bag - Fill in Name of patient, Impression date, sent date, date wanted, case 
- +  - Pass lab form to J - J will fill in type of crown, shade, write special instructionsInside the plastic bag - Impression & lab form that is filled up 
 +  - Make sure impression of the crown is inside the bag, or if take with 2 trays, ​the crown tooth and also the opposite arch must be sent togetherIf not sure, always ask b4 call lab:-O
 ====== Build ====== ====== Build ======
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