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2006-03-05, 2006-03-09, 2006-11-06, 2007-06-26, 2008-05-05, 2009-02-14, 2009-12-25 "Lemming", 2010-11-07 "Anteater", 2011-05-25 "Rincewind"

template Changed page structure and discussion functionality, 4 predefined color schemes

Последнее обновление:
исходный код

Это расширение не обновлялось более двух лет. Возможно, оно больше не разрабатывается или не поддерживается; возможны проблемы совместимости.

This extension is not in the 'plugin' or 'template' namespace and is therefore ignored.

Теги: discussion, mediawiki, talk

Главная цель этого шаблона состоит в том, чтобы построить структуру страницы по-другому, различая:

  • действия для страницы (редактирование/показ/создание, обсуждение, прежние версии, backlinks)
  • действия для сайта (связь с синтаксисом, свежие изменения, индекс, поиск)
  • действия для пользователей (если нет входа: приглашение для входа; если пользователь в системе: выход, обновление профиля, подписка на изменения, администрирование)

Данный шаблон немного похож на макет MediaWiki. Функция «обсуждение» интегрирована в каждую страницу, что позволяет Вам создавать новую страницу обсуждения как страницу wiki (в пространстве имен «discussion»). Ограничение: вы не сможете узнать, существует ли страница обсуждения, пока вы не нажмёте на кнопку.

Загрузка и установка

Обратитесь к руководству template как установить и использовать данную тему. Для этой темы необходимо только эта дополнительная настройка - additional configuration .


If you upgrade an older ACH template (from 20060516 or earlier to 20061017 or later), please heed the following renaming of some style.ini parameters!

old new
__text_1__ __text__
__text_2__ __text_alt__
__text_3__ __text_neu__
__background_1__ __background__
__background_2__ __background_alt__
__background_3__ __background_neu__
__border_1__ __border__
__border_2__ __border_alt__
__border_3__ __border_neu__

Дополнительная настройка

Цветовая схема

Данная тема использует CSS dispatcher последней версии DokuWiki и его систему замены CSS. Поэтому файл style.ini.dist в папке ./lib/tpl/ach/, должен быть переименован в style.ini, в котором вы можете настроить свои собственные цвета.

The default scheme is just simple black and white. For examples how to change the style.ini parameters, there are three more color schemes (more or less ugly) distributed in ./lib/tpl/ach/, named style.ini.<name>.scheme. Applying one of those is simple: Just copy their content into style.ini – overwriting the old content.

If you apply a color scheme by renaming a file to style.ini, you probably have to touch it 1).

#> touch /path/to/style.ini

Most parameters of the style.ini handle the colors, but you can even add, remove or widen the section indenting.


The following is optional and not necessarily needed.

If you want the template to look well in «export_xhtml mode», you should change the following line in ./inc/actions.php

  ptln('<div class="dokuwiki export">');


  ptln('<div id="ach__content" class="dokuwiki export">');

That could be handled by the CSS alone as well, but that's too much «unwanted» work for me … ;-)

Will work with

DokuWiki versions from 2006-03-05 on

Tested Browsers

  • Firefox :-)
  • Firefox 1.0.7 - 1.6a (Win) :-)
  • Opera 8.01 (Win) and Opera 7.11 (Win) :-)
  • IE
    • IE 7.0 (Win) works for me :-)
    • IE 6.0 (Win) has some design restrictions, I did not yet hunt peekaboo successfully down :-|
    • IE 5.0 (Win) has a few more design restrictions and bigger problems with widths :-/
  • Mozilla 1.3.1 has some design restrictions :-/
  • :!: Netscape Navigator 4.08 (Win) crashes! :-(
  • Safari 2.0.3 (Mac OS X) works fine ;-)


Default Color Scheme

Possible Alternative Color Schemes

To Do

  • testing, testing, testing, …
  • improve rtl.css
  • improve print.css
  • fix peekaboo bugs in IE

Version History

  • 2006-10-17
    • upgrade to latest DokuWiki version (mainly new mediamanager and renaming of style.ini parameters)
  • 2006-05-16
    • just a few bugfixes
  • 2006-03-05
    • changed all template-ids
    • updated changed CSS
    • added a few language files
    • fixed a small bug with the discussion buttons
  • 2006-02-12
    • updated changed CSS
    • changed logic of «site action» links a bit
  • 2006-01-06
    • updated changed CSS
  • 2005-11-29 (works with DokuWiki snapshots from 2005-11-28 and later)
    • updated style.ini due to changes in DokuWiki-2005-11-28
    • changed layout of footer and footnotes a bit
    • fixed bug which made links sometimes unclickable in TOC
    • added style.ini parameter for changing the headline color
  • 2005-11-19 (works with DokuWiki snapshots from 2005-10-31 until 2005-11-27)
    • print.css
    • changed layout of content headlines
    • added toolbar styles
    • fixed strange behaviour in media popup
  • 2005-11-13: first version

Comments and Questions

Hi, just for signal «bug» with the note plugin who cause large blank before the first note of a page. See comments for link to example page. Any idea why ? — Ze 2006-12-03 16:48

It is the «clear:both;» in the style.css of the note plugin. (Or the way my template is styled, depending on your viewing angle. ;-)) I think this bug will happen with most 2- or 3-column-layouts … Just delete the «clear:both;» line. It will work (nearly?) exactly like before. — Anika Henke 2006-12-04 23:45

The discussion-button is a form → it won't be googled. Maybe we could add a <link>? Johannes Buchner 2006-01-23 11:11

One reason why I made the discussion-button a button and not a link, is because I did not want discussion pages to be indexed by search engines. But you can either use a link instead of a button (search for «link instead of button» in the template's main.php) or use a google sitemap. — Anika Henke 2006-02-02 20:51

I am curious as to how I would change the DokuWiki logo you have at the top of the page. I would like to substitute my own images in there. Jeff Childs 2006-02-12 12:27

To change the logo you have to alter the line background:url(images/logo.png) no-repeat 35px 5px; in layout.css inside #mainbox{}. Exchanging the logo is simple, but to adjust the position of that image could be a bit tricky (depending on how different sized your image is). Just play around with those two values (35px and 5px) … — Anika Henke 2006-02-12 23:03

I find this skin very useful. I would suggest to add the hide sidebar /show sidebar functionality as per http://wikiwyg.org/wysi/. This would be a nice way to get the best of both worlds: navigation hints and screen usage.

I do not plan to add such a functionality. But you are free to change the source to your needs (and probably share it here). — Anika Henke 2006-05-15 23:53

I find your template rocks! Thanks a lot. However, I also would like to be able hide / show the sidebar… ;-)

Two icons are missing that are present in the default template in the current devel version: toc_hide.gif and toc_show.gif. I have one logfile full of these ;-)Werner Flamme 2007-04-24 11:03 CEST

This was only a temporary problem. The default template has abandoned these by now. — Anika Henke 2008/10/18 19:45

I'm having a problem with the ACH mediamanager window in Opera 9.25. For some reason, clicking the submit button to upload a new file does absolutely nothing – it doesn't even show the usual cursor that displays when hovering over a link. However, using the shortcut key (Shift-ESC and then 's' in Opera) allows me to submit just fine. Another thing I've noticed is if I remove the left and right divs and just have both display in the media content div, the button works fine. However, I like ACH's split layout of the mediamanager better, so I'd really like to see it work properly in Opera. Thanks very much. — darksiren 2008-03-22 20:41 EDT

I did not work on this template for quite a long while now. But I definitely plan to update it and as Opera is my favourite browser :) I will also fix this bug. Unfortunately I have hardly any time now, but I plan to re-release the ACH template by the end of this year. — Anika Henke 2008/10/18 19:45

After the bug squashing weekend, a license info is shown on the edit page. It starts with <div class="license" > and looks quite ugly since the browser's default font is used. It looks much better in the default template ;-) Will the CSS be modified in the template or is this left to the admin of the installation? Best regards, — Werner Flamme 2008/10/17 12:35 CEST

Same here: Sorry for not updating the template for so long. I will definitely do it, but not in the too near future. Then this issue will be fixed as well, of course. — Anika Henke 2008/10/18 19:45

I am having a problem with Firefox Rendering is just «no layout at all» :-(. Any hints? FF3 and IE 7 work fine. — Peter Woerner 2008/12/10 22:30

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