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DokuWiki Release Names

Since December 2009, DokuWiki releases do get a code name next to its date based version number. The idea is that code names are much easier to remember and thus make it simpler to communicate when talking about features or bugs.

Early release names were randomly chosen, since 2011 releases are named after characters in Terry Pratchett's discworld novels. Since “Detritus”, we use increasing letters of the alphabet to make it easier to know which release is newer.

Used names so far

Release Name Release Date
and Number
Background Favorite User Misspellings
Kaos 2024-02-06
named after Kaos, one of the original riders of the apocalypse who turned milk man. Kratos
Jack Jackrum 2023-04-04
named after Jack Jackrum of the Monstrous Regiment. Jack Jackman
Igor 2022-06-26
named after the many Igors on Discworld that work as servants and surgeons.
Hogfather 2020-07-29
named after Hogfather, the ancient winter god bringing presents to the children that believe in him.
Greebo 2018-04-22
named after Greebo, Nanny Ogg's cat. Greeko, Greedo
Frusterick Manners 2017-02-19
named after Frusterick Manners, the senior civil engineer working for the Grand Trunk organisation
Elenor of Tsort 2016-06-26
named after the (once) beautiful Elenor of Tsort, cause of the Tsortean Wars
Detritus 2015-08-10
named after the troll Detritus of the Ankh-Morpork city watch Demetrius
Hrun 2014-09-29
named after Hrun the Barbarian Hirun, HRun
Ponder Stibbons 2014-05-05
named after Ponder Stibbons, wizard at the Unseen University Tender Tampons
Binky 2013-12-08
named after Binky, Death's horse Blinky
Weatherwax 2013-05-10
named after Granny Weatherwax the famous witch Weathermax
Adora Belle 2012-10-13
named after Adora Belle Dearheart, head of the Golem Trust in Ankh-Morpok Andora
Angua 2012-01-25
named after Angua von Überwald, the Ankh-Morpok City Watch's werewolf Anguna
Rincewind 2011-05-25
the first Discworld based code name. Rincewind is the unlucky sorcerer from Unseen University Ricewind
Anteater 2010-11-07
Lemming 2009-12-25
Mulled Wine 2009-12-02 RC This was the first code name and the only one assigned to a release candidate. From then on Release Candidates and proper Releases share the same code name.
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