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Plugins provide a system of extending DokuWiki's features without the need to hack the original code (and so again on each update). Below is a list of ready-to-use plugins created by DokuWiki users.

A plugin is installed by putting it into its own folder under lib/plugins/. From version Ponder Stibbons on this can be done automatically using the extension manager. (Up to version Binky this was done with the plugin manager.) Be sure to read about Plugin Security. See the detailed plugin installation instructions.

If you would like to help translating the plugins in another language, please see this page Localization of plugins.

Search Plugins

Filter available plugins by type or by using the tag cloud. You could also search within the plugin namespace using the search box.

Filter by type

  • Syntax plugins extend DokuWiki's basic syntax.
  • Action plugins replace or extend DokuWiki's core functionality
  • Admin plugins provide extra administration tools
  • Helper plugins provide functionality shared by other plugins
  • Render plugins add new export modes or replaces the standard XHTML renderer
  • Remote plugins add methods to the RemoteAPI accessible via web services
  • Auth plugins add authentication modules

Filter by tag

!broken !bundled !discontinued !experimental !maybe.broken 2fa 3d abstract ace acl acronym activecollab ad address adfs admin administration adsense adult advertising agenda ajaj ajax album alert alertbox alerts alias alpha alternativ analytics anchor anchors and animation annotations anonym api applet archive ascii audio audit auth authentication authenticator authors autocomplete automation autosuggest avatar backup barcode bbs bible bibliography bibtex bikemap bing biology bitcoin blacklist blog blood_pressure board bom bookmark books bootstrap box boxes bpmn breadcrumb bruteforce buffer bugtracker bugzilla button buttons c3 cac cache cage calculation calendar callflow captcha caption carousel catholic certificate chained changelog chart charts chat checklist checkliste chemistry christian classdiagram cleanup cli client-side clipboard cloud cms code codemirror collaboration collaborative_projects collapsible color comic command comment commit comparison condition config configuration conflict connect constants contact content contributors control convert converter copy countdown counter create crm crypt css csv currency data database datapopup date daum deadline decrypt decryption definitions delete delicious denied devel diagram diagrams dialog diff difficulty dilbert directory discussion display disqus dns doc documentation docx dokugitviewer donation doodle dot double-click download dpi draw drive dropdown ebook eclipse edit editing edition editor email embed emoji encrypt encryption entities entity error eshop events eventum experimental export extended extension facebook factor farm fast favorites fb fbml feed feedback figure file filenames files filesystem filter firefox flag flash flattr flicker flowchart flyspray fontawesome fonts football footer footnotes form formatting forms formula formulae found fqdn freemind fugue furigana fussball gallery gallery3 game gardening generate generator geo geshi gexf gist git github glossary glyphicon google google+ googledocs googledrawing googleplus gplus gps gpsies graph graphics graphs graphviz groupmanager groups gtd gtm h.264 hackernews hash hcard header headings heat hide highlight hinweis hiorg home homepages html html5 htmlheaders http hyperlink hyphen i-doit ical icalendar icons if image imageflow images imap import incident include indent indentation index inline integration internet interwiki intranet ip issue issues java javascript jira jobs jokuwiki jquery json json-ld keyboard korean label language last latex ldap legal letter level lightbox like likeit link linkedin links linksuggest list listing lists log logging login logoff logout logs lytebox macro magento mail maintenance make management manager manpage mantis mantisbt maps marking markup_language match math mathjax mathml media mediamanager mediaplayer mediawiki medical mellel menu merge merging messages meta metadata microformat mimetex mindmap missing mobile moderation modified modify motd mouse move movie mp3 mp4 multitemplate music mysql name namespace navigation network news newsfeed newspaper newssystem niconico not note notes notice notification nowiki numbering oauth odp odt ogg ogv opengraph openoffice options order ordering orgchart orphan osx otp outdated owncloud oxygen packages page page2images pagebreak pagecreate pagelist pagemove paintbrush panorama paragraph password paste path pattern paypal pdf pencil phone photo php phpbb phpbb3 picasa picker picture ping pingback pinterest pirate piwik plain play player plot plugins pm podcast poem policy poll pop3 popup postgresql posts powerpoint presentation prettyphoto preview print printing private processing profile program programming projects public publications python quality question quiz quotes rack radio radius random rate ratemyteacher rating raw rdf rdp readability recaptcha recent recipe recommend recurse reddit redirect redlers redlex references referer reflection regex regexp registration relation release release_manager religious remember remove rename renaming replace replicate report reports repository reproduce request revisions rmt robots rotate rpm rrd rrdtool rss ruby saaml salesforce samba saml sample sap schedule scheduling science screenshot script search searchpattern seasonal_decoration section sectionedit security semantic seo sequence server settings shackles share shibboleth shop shortcut shorturls sidebar sign signature silk simple simplesamlphp sioc sitemap sketch skin skype skywriter slider slideshare slideshow smartcard smb smileys smtp smtpauth snippet snippets snow soap soccer social sort sound source space spam spatial spellcheck sphinx spiders split spoiler sql sqlite ssl sso staff standings start statistic statistics status storage store stream streetview strftime stumbleupon style subscription substition subversion sugarcrm summary survey svg svn sympa sync syntax syntaxhighlight tabelle table tables tablet tabs tag tagcloud tagmanager tags task taskmanagement tcp teamwork template terminal terms test tex text tfs theme theora tickets time timeline timestamp tip title tlpd toc todo tokenbucket toolbar tools tooltip touch trackback tracker tracking transfer translate translation tree trends triple tumblr tux twitter two two-factor typography udp ueb uml unc unicode universaleditbutton update upload usecase user usermanager userpage userplugin users userstory utf-8 variables vcard vector version video videojs view vorbis vote vp8 wall watermark weather webcomics webm webmaster widget wikindx wikipedia windows wiring wolfram word wordcount workflow wrap wysiwyg xing xkcd xml xmlrpc yahoo yandex youtrack youtube yubikey zenphoto zip zoom zotero 404

Tagged with 'section' (8)

Plugin Author Last Update Popularity
PurpleNumbers Plugin Download

Adds “Purple Numbers” (granular IDs) and optionally comment links to every block level element

links, section
Anika Henke
Edit Section Reorganizer Plugin Download

Move section edit buttons to the start of the section, support hierarchical sections on edit

!discontinued, editing, section
Christophe Drevet
outdent plugin Download

Backout of section indenting (without using an empty header)

headings, section
Christopher Smith
TitlesAnchorLink Plugin Download

Displays Anchors links when hovering DokuWiki Sections titles, in a similar way to Github.

anchors, javascript, links, menu, section
Tag Sections Plugin Download

Tag sections of a DokuWiki page. It will add buttons in edit mode and display the tags differently and without links if configured.

Syntax, Action
section, tag
i-net software / Gerry Weißbach
Folded Plugin Download

Foldable page sections

collapsible, hide, section
Michael Hamann, Fabian van-de-l_Isle, Christopher Smith, Esther Brunner
Uparrow Plugin Download

This simple plugin shows an arrow-image which links to the top of the current page

Syntax, Action
links, navigation, section
Michael Klier
sectiontoggle Plugin Download

toggle sections open and closed by clicking on section headers

collapsible, hide, mobile, phone, section, tablet
Myron Turner

Popularity values are based on data gathered through the popularity plugin - please help to increase accuracy by reporting your data with this plugin.

Creating Plugins

If your needs aren't covered by the existing plugins above, please have a look at our pages on how to create and publish a plugin.

Reporting Bugs and Features Wishes

Please refer to How to report bugs and request new features in plugins for more info about this topic.

Requesting Plugin

If you are in need of a special feature in DokuWiki but haven't the skills or resources to create your own plugin you might want to suggest the feature for consideration by the community.

To ask for the creation of a new plugin or to discuss plugin ideas, please refer to the Plugin Wishlist Forum.

Recent Wishes:

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