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plugin Backup to and restore from a zip file of wiki contents

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:!: This plugin could break your dokuwiki! :!:
See: Admin Page corrupted



This plugin saves a doku wiki as a zip file that contains changes.log, pages/, and, attic/ from the directory pointed to by $conf["savedir"]. In addition to the ability to save zip backups, this plugin also allows for the restoration of lost data from such an archive.

Make sure to check the caveat section before installing, as there are a few problems with this plugin at the moment.


Doku Zip Backup depends on the File_Archive library from PEAR to work. If you do not have the ability to install PEAR libraries (or do not have PEAR installed at all on your webhost), don“t worry, there is a version of Doku Zip Backup that includes all the PEAR libraries needed to run the plugin.


As with any plugin, the zip file containing Doku Zip Backup must be extracted into the lib/plugins directory of your doku install. Depending on the install file (see below) you downloaded, you will have either a directory named zip-standalone or zip-with-pear. Rename that directory to zip in order to maintain standard naming conventions within doku.

After having done that, open the file zip/admin.php in your favorite text editor.

There are two values you can change:

If you are using the standalone version of Doku Zip Backup and the necessary PEAR libraries (see above) are not installed in a system-wide PEAR repository, you may uncomment the following line and set it to the location of the php folder within your personal PEAR repository.

#define('CUSTOM_PEAR', '/home/me/pear/php');

Users of the version of Doku Zip Backup that includes the PEAR libraries do not need to change this line.

Secondly, if you would like to place the location of where Doku Zip Backup places its temporary files, you may change the line:

define('TMP_DIR', DOKU_PLUGIN.'zip/tmp/');

Other than that, there is nothing that needs to be configured.

Caveats / Things That Don't Work

  • At the moment, this plugin is incompatible with users who have set $conf["usegzip"] to 1. This is due more to the horrible documentation of File_Archive than to anything within the plugin itself. Once I figure out how to store compressed files in an archive using the library, this problem should be removed.
  • Support for Cache_Lite is disabled, as it does not appear to work in the current version of File_Archive. It's possible that I may be doing something wrong here, but it seems that when filling the cache, File_Archive does not actually compress the data (it may also be returning a tar file of some sort). Upon subsequent cache hits, the resulting zip file is perfectly fine (which seems to be undesirable).
  • Restoring from backup seems to destroy timestamps for last edit data. I have not yet verified this.
  • Software only has English localization.
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