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 ===== Namespace-Creation ===== ===== Namespace-Creation =====
-For me it would be helpfull if there would be the possibility to adjust the namespace where the links are created. +Works fine now that understood how to use it correctly with:
-When implement the plugin within a page first the plugin links to the root directory and there it creates its sub-namespaces. This is quite exactly what I need. On top It would be perfect to be able to add individual subnamespaces like: root:userdef_1:userdef_2:userdef_n:*your already implemented namespacedefinitions* +
-To get that I already adjusted your templates in "PagenameStrategies" like: +
-<code php>return "$baseNS:calendar:$year:$month:$day";</code>+
-But now I noticed that it somehow needs some time until the settings of your plugin recognizes the position of the defined yearbox and when it does it changes the links to subpages of the used page. And I would like to avoid subpages in the same namespace.  +<code>{{yearbox>year=2010,2012;name=journal;size=12;ns=diary}}</code>
- --- [[user>ooleanderoo|ooleanderoo]] //2021-01-23 14:40/+
 +One thing is that I want to combine your plugin with the bureaucracy plugin. In the Bureaucracy-Plugin it seems not easily manageable to create the pages the same structure you are providing. I now changed one of your PageNameStrategies with : 
-Edit -- Now I'm pretty sure that it somehow hops between the described behaviours with the namespace-linksI will have a closer look on it when this is happening+<code>        return "$baseNS:$pagename";</code> 
- --- [[user>ooleanderoo|ooleanderoo]] //2021-01-23 16:02//+ 
 +and now can create with the bureaucracy plugin a form wich directly picks a site your yearbox-plugin already is looking at.  
 +Maybe an idea to extend the possibilities of your namespace-strategies so this is possible directly out of the boxSurely there are thousand ways to do so but for me this was the simplest way ;) 
 +A second idea I had is that it maybe usefull if you could define different PageNameStrategies for different YearBoxes 
 + --- [[user>ooleanderoo|ooleanderoo]] //2021-01-24 13:29//
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