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Useful calendar, but I just got some html-tags showing up in the toolbox and no real preview. — 2011-04-11

I would like to help but I do not understand exactly what the problem is; can you provide more information?—Symon 2011-04-10 15:32
I had the same problem. I edited the style.css and renamed all div.dokuwiki into .dokuwiki and it looks better now (Firefox 4 - Dokuwiki Anteater). — Andreone 2011-05-05
to solve the popup preview problem download the folder, unzip it, open it, and open syntax.php in a text editor and replace:
if ($current == $today) $wkend_css = ' class="today"';
// if ($current == $today) $wkend_css = ' class="today"';

Then save the folder and rezip it and use this as your download (for example from a public dropbox folder). Create a calendar, click on a date, create an entry, save the entry, go back to the calendar, edit the calendar page (you don't have to change anything) and resave it, then one should see the dates with entries in green and the mouse popups!!! Tom S. 2011-11-25

Same here. The calendar does not mark that a page exists and does not show any kind of preview.
It just shows the same tooltip as for empty pages. — 2011-05-02 > with the above mentioned edit by Tom S. it now does

I really like your calendar. I was searching that for a long time. One suggestion: navigation arrows to navigate to previous/next dates/months. — Andreone 2011-05-05

I like the idea, however it is more challenging than it seems. The calendar is built when the wiki page is parsed, and providing dynamic navigation arrows would require rebuilding/rendering it in Javascript instead—quite a large amount of work, unless you would be happy with a page refresh every time you click a navigation button. Symon 2011-05-07 15:45

This is pretty useful for keeping projects organized. I'd like a way to index times shorter than one month though. e.g., I want to use a shorter box (5-7 days) for this week's note taking. — 2011-05-27 Anon.

I watched an unexpected bahavior: In EditMode the Preview links to local Namespace; after saving it links to the rootnamespace until in the calendar-call is any ns specified. So i have to spcify the ns allways (in my case!) Any suggestion for solving? btw: My first impression: I like it and will test ist! Thank you a lot, 12.08.25 utaf

It works on Adora Belle, with the same namespace problem described above. It was also not showing the preview tooltip. However, it seems the tooltips appears if I specify the complete path for the namespace (root:namespace:for:the:calendar) - even if I want the calendar in the current namespace. — Anon 2012-12-11

Download problems [0.3]

Download link error. Access denied. 2011-05-17 FIXED! Sorry about that… Github upload timeout 2011-05-17 19:48

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