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ooleanderoo [Namespace-Creation]
Line 68: Line 68:
 // week begins on Sunday in PHP... // week begins on Sunday in PHP...
 $lang['yearbox_days'] = array('So', 'Mo', 'Di', 'Mi', 'Do', 'Fr', 'Sa'); $lang['yearbox_days'] = array('So', 'Mo', 'Di', 'Mi', 'Do', 'Fr', 'Sa');
 </file> </file>
Line 87: Line 87:
 in syntax.php I changed :  in syntax.php I changed : 
-<code> +<code php
- $first_weekday = ($first_weekday > $start) ? $start: $first_weekday;+$first_weekday = ($first_weekday > $start) ? $start: $first_weekday;
 </code> </code>
 to to
-<code> +<code php
- $first_weekday = ($first_weekday > $start+1) ? $start+1 : $first_weekday;+$first_weekday = ($first_weekday > $start+1) ? $start+1 : $first_weekday;
 </code> </code>
 +> Thanks for that! However it omits a day the end of some months. How could this be fixed? See for example year 2006, the 31st of October isn't displayed even though it existed.  --- [[user>Kuranes|Kuranes]] //2018-05-08 10:13//
 +===== Namespace-Creation =====
 +Works fine now that I understood how to use it correctly with:
 +One thing is that I want to combine your plugin with the bureaucracy plugin. In the Bureaucracy-Plugin it seems not easily manageable to create the pages the same structure you are providing. I now changed one of your PageNameStrategies with : 
 +<code>        return "$baseNS:$pagename";</code>
 +and now I can create with the bureaucracy plugin a form wich directly picks a site your yearbox-plugin already is looking at. 
 +Maybe an idea to extend the possibilities of your namespace-strategies so this is possible directly out of the box. Surely there are thousand ways to do so but for me this was the simplest way ;)
 +A second idea I had is that it maybe usefull if you could define different PageNameStrategies for different YearBoxes. 
 + --- [[user>ooleanderoo|ooleanderoo]] //2021-01-24 13:29//
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