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 ===== Bugs ===== ===== Bugs =====
-None known at the time of writing.+<del>None known at the time of writing.</del> 
 +Unfortunately, on my 2017 Frusterick Manners, this plugin causes <code> 
 +ReferenceError: addInitEvent is not defined 
 +addInitEvent(function(){ fixRubyAlignment(); }); 
 +js.php?...3892c5d (line 65824)</code> 
 +I have changed ''addInitEvent'' on the last line of script.js to ''jQuery'' (per suggestion on [[plugin:cellbg#compatibility_issues]] although I don't know the reason), but then it's found that on Line 29 ''cssRule.selectorText'' is also not defined... 
 +So finally I decided to: 
 +  - remove script.js in the plugin folder 
 +  - disable the plugin 
 +  - re-enable it again 
 +-> seems no problem so far, the action.php and the CSS file still do their jobs. I know that script.js can deal some compatibility problems across browsers, but I don't have the ability to debug it. --- [[user>MilchFlasche|MilchFlasche]] //2017-11-03 17:11//
 ===== Source ===== ===== Source =====
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