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xfortune Plugin

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2009-12-25, 2010-11-07

plugin Display a random quote and update it every few seconds with a new one

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This plugin is able to read datafiles used by the popular Unix tool fortune and to display a random one. It then replaces the displayed one every few seconds with a new one using an AJAX request.


Download and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.



Just reference a textfile with the correct format with the following syntax:


You may specify the interval for changing the cookie in seconds:


The default is 30 seconds.

Input files

The cookie file needs to be a text file 1) where each cookie is separated by a % char on it's own line. You need to upload those files through the mediamanager.

Here is an example:

My first cookie
Another cookie
with multiple lines
Third cookie

Known Shortcomings

  • If your input files are not in UTF-8 this plugin will assume they are in latin1 and tries to convert them to UTF-8. If you get any charset problems, make sure the file is valid UTF-8.
  • Using compiled fortune cookies would probably be more effective
  • It is implied above, but I think it is better to state it explicitly: at least for DW Lemming and the latest version of the plugin, the fortune file must have UNIX line endings (LF). Windows line endings won't do. — ryan.chappelleLuis Machuca Bezzaza

    2011/02/07 02:48
the uncompiled source files for fortune, not the binary ones created by strfile
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