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webthumbs Plugin

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plugin Will show a thumbnail of a website

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This extension is marked as obsoleted. Therefore it is hidden in the Extension Manager and the extension listing. Furthermore, it is candidate for removal.

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to mozshot

Tagged with !broken, !obsolete, embed, images, links, media

:!: This requires PHP5 to run.


This little plugin will allow you to insert a preview of any website.


Use the following syntax to insert an image which will show a preview image of If you click you will be redirected to


You can also use the following syntax, if preview image and linktarget should be the same:


Hope someone likes it.

The plugin is using a webservice for fetching the images and is not generating them.

There is a setting to select which service should be used for the generation of the preview images:

  • 0/default:
  • 1:
  • 2:
  • 3: -

What's New

  • Updated Version does not longer contain an XSS vulnerability.
  • Service used for generation of Thumbnails is selectable in the Backend.


Not working with DokuWiki-2009-02-14 ! (generates a PHP error when trying to log in, something wrong in line 25 of the script) - Greguti, April, 11, 2009)

That is strange, just checked this extension with a clean install of DokuWiki-2009-02-14. No error and everything works fine. clang
tried again, here is the error message when I refresh a page once Webthumbs is activated: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /homez.65/greguti/www/articles/lib/plugins/webthumbs/syntax.php on line 25”. Line 25 is:
private $sWebService = "";
It seems that you are using a PHP 4.X Environment and therefore the private is not supported. Try to replace the line with on of the two alternatives:
//Alternative 1 (private removed)
$sWebService = "";
//Alternative 2 (private replaced with var)
var $sWebService = "";

Let me know if this will fix your problem.

Hey there! Thanks so much for the quick answer! Alternative 2 is the good one, works great on my website. Alternative 1 generates some PHP error. Thanks for this handy plugin!
Tons of Thanks to you!! Its awesome, I was looking for something like this from long time.

Now I can get rid of my all bookmarks: Harish :)

Is there a way to use both the services which are selectable in the backend? I find that some sites are available with and then not with the other and vice versa. Great plugin.

Currently not. But both services are generating preview images for websites they do not yet have. I think you just have to wait some time until the real preview is displayed.

Somehow the service might have stopped working? I only receive a placeholder image from saying the image will be displayed shortly. But this placeholder has been there for a day now. The placeholder image links to the right website however. Just doesn't display a thumbnail. Any thoughts? thx!

It seems this problem is not related to this plugin, but the service(s) have problems or stopped generating thumbnails suddenly. Maybe someone can contact them or find out, why the thumbnails are no longer generated?


Not working with 2013-05-10 “Weatherwax”

Install results in green background with message that 2 packages lang and conf were sucessfully installed.

In the editor, when inserting and saving page with example usage code page does not seem to save, i.e. doesn't return to content view. using search for that page shows that page was saved but with code as text and link.

on the server two directories (names as above) are found in the plugins dir.

It would be awesome to have this one working in the 2013-05-10 “Weatherwax” version. (If there won't be a fix, how can I uninstall the broken plugin correctly?)

Thanks! Holger, 25 Sep 2013

Plugin itself is working on Weatherwax if you install it manually (not in dokuwiki backend, copy it to the plugin folder manually). However the previous comment already stated, that the service used for the generation is no longer working properly. Christoph ( 1 Oct 2013)


2011-09-26 I wish an option to save the images on my DokuWiki folder, just for speed purposes. Anyway, great plugin

2012-11-20 +1 for the “save” option. And perhaps make the image scalable? And: great, yeah, thanks!

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