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Video Share Plugin

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plugin Easily embed videos from various Video Sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

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Conflicts with
dailymotion, google_video, youtubev2

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to dailymotion, google_video, niconico, slideshare, youtubev2

Tagged with embed, flash, media, video, youtube

This plugin allows you to embed flash video players from various video sharing sites. New services can be added by just editing a config file. This is not for displaying local video files.

Download and Install

Please use the the download link at the top for manual installation or use in the plugin manager.



The basic syntax looks like this: {{videosite>videoid?parameter1&parameter2|title}}.

  • Where videosite is one of the identifiers listed below,
  • and videoid is the identifier of the video at the respective site.
  • The parameters are optional. You start these with a ? and separate more of them by a &.
  • The title is optional as well.
  • The video can be aligned by adding spaces on the left or right inside the curly brackets (like in the image syntax).

A toolbar button pops up a prompt where you can simply paste the full URL to the page of the video you want to embed. The plugin will then try to figure out the video ID by itself.


  • The size parameter is the best supported parameter. You can either give it in the form:
    • widthxheight like 500×300,
    • or use the keywords small, medium or large.
  • Some other additional parameters are supported (depending on video service) as well:
    • Start point of video: &start=<seconds> (youtube) or &initial_time=<seconds> (twitchtv)
    • End point of video segment: &end=<seconds> (youtube)
    • Auto play: &autoplay=1 (vimeo, youtube)
    • Do not show related videos when playback ends: &rel=0 (youtube)


Display a YouTube Video:


Show a larger player:


Right-align the player :

{{ youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU}}

Show a small, centered player:

{{ youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU?small }}

Show a small, centered player with a title:

{{ youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU?small |Some funny video}}

Some other additional parameters are supported (depending on video service) as well:

{{youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU?small&start=30&end=45|A random segment of 15 seconds}}

Supported Services

Identifier Website Notes
5min 5min
bambuser Bambuser The video ID is in the embed code, not in the URL
bliptv Blip.TV You get the correct id when choosing to embed for
break Break The ID is in the embed code:
clipfish Clipfish
dailymotion Daily Motion
gtrailers GameTrailers
metacafe MetaCafe
myspacetv MySpaceTV
rcmovie RCMovie
twitchtv Points default to channel, refer a video by adding ?chapter_id=<number from url>
slideshare Slideshare The ID is not in the URL. Choose “more share options” and use the doc parameter from the wordpress embed code:
ustream Ustream.TV
veoh Veoh
viddler Viddler Use the embed code:
vimeo Vimeo The video id is the number after
youtube YouTube

Additional sites can be added to the sites.conf file in the plugin directory. Video ID recognition patterns for the toolbar button are configured in sites.js.


Please report bugs and request features at the issue tracker.

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