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Users Page Create Plugin

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plugin Autocreate users pages after registration

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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Sorry for my English :-)

Autocreate users pages after registration. Use plugin parameters for set users namespace (default users).

You can use in template page functions mytpl_userinfo(), mytpl_pageinfo() or change functions in file inc/template.php

If you want see link to userpage to revisions and recent page then change file inc/html.php

 /* string 436 (replace string) */
 /* print (empty($INFO['editor']))?('('.$lang['external_edit'].')'):htmlspecialchars($INFO['editor']); */
 print (empty($INFO['editor']))?('('.$lang['external_edit'].')'):mytpl_userhtmllink($INFO['editor']);
 /* string 480 (replace string) */
 /* print htmlspecialchars($info['user']); */
 print mytpl_userhtmllink($info['user']);
 /* string 575 (replace string) */
 /* print htmlspecialchars($recent['user']); */
 print mytpl_userhtmllink($recent['user']);

If you want see link in toolbar in signature change file inc/toolbar.php and use @USERPAGE@ in parameter signature

 /* string 201 (insert new string) */
 $sig = str_replace('@USERPAGE@',$INFO['usersnamespace'].':'.$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'],$sig);


Is this working when I do not have user registration? I got LDAP auth - the users can't register they are simply coming in using LDAP.

I had to change a line in the action.php: function action_act_preprocess_after: removing the : before $INFO['usersnamespace']

What are the plugin's parameters that I use for configuration?

  • Hi, I had problems with ACL. Group “users” on my wiki has set read permission for namespace users:. When there is a new registration, new ACL rule appears. It is supposed to give edit permission to new user for his page. There appears permission regarding page :users:new-user which doesn't work (don't ask me why). It is needful to edit /conf/acl.auth.php to give him permission to the page users:new-user (without “:” on the start).
  • !!! помогите это исправить.
 в строке 84 нужно убрать :
			$pageName= ''.$INFO['usersnamespace'].':'.$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'];
  • Well I suppose it's gonna be much more useful in English than in Russian Азбука :-)
    If you're experiencing the problem described above (with /conf/acl.auth.php and ':' on the start), here is the solution:
    Change line 84 in file /lib/plugins/userspagecreate/action.php from
    That should do the job for you.

    * I've got a tip for you. If you want to show a link to logged user's page, just add following line to file
    /lib/tpl/default/main.php (where default can be replaced by name of template which is currently used).
    <?php mytpl_userinfo()?>''
    the line must be added to place where you want the link to be shown (but this is clear, I hope).
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