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userpagecreate Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

2009-12-25+, anteater, rincewind, weatherwax

plugin Creates a user page or user namespace when a user first logs in

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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A CosmoCode Plugin


Install the plugin using the Extension Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


The plugin adds three options to the config manager:

  • target: The user page ID prefix
  • template: The user page template (page or namespace)
  • create_summary: The summary for the page creation(s)


Intial setup

  1. Got to the plugin configuration dialog: admin-menu ⇒ configuration ⇒ plugin userpagecreate
  2. Configure the namespace where the userpages should be generated, set “plugin userpagecreate target” to e.g. “user:”
  3. Then define which template is to be used for the new userpage by setting the “plugin userpagecreate template” configuration option to e.g. “template:usertemplate:”
  4. create the e.g. “template:usertemplate:start”. For this purpose you can use all template replacement patterns.
  5. Further patterns can be used if your used auth-backend provides them (e.g. LDAP)
  • :!: Please note, that the userpage will be created after the first login (not when the user account is set up!)

Template Example

  • In this page you can use all the normal syntax/markup your wiki and your installed plugins support

In the example below syntax from the plugins do, nslist, starred and changes is used.

====== @NAME Dashboard ======
===== ToDO =====
===== ToDos Created =====
===== pages in your namespace =====
===== Your Favorites =====
===== Newest Pages in this wiki =====
===== New Blogpost in our company's blog =====
{{rss> 3}}


Change Log

Known Bugs and Issues

Please report bugs and issues at:


  • More info please!
  • It was nice if you could give some sample configuration. For example, I want the new page to be “user:{$newuserid}:start” – how can I achieve this? — Werner Flamme 2012/07/06 15:02 CEST
    • :!: Please note, that the userpage will be created after the first login (not when the user account is set up!)
    • Just go to the admin-menu ⇒ configuration ⇒ plugin userpagecreate
    • set “plugin userpagecreate target” to “user:”
    • set “plugin userpagecreate target template” to “template:usertemplate:”
    • create the “template:usertemplate:start” and edit it (see the following code example), use the replacement patterns
====== @NAME@ ======
===== contact details =====
  * Username: @USER@
  * Mail: [[@MAIL@]]
  * Member of this wiki since: @DATE@
  • What a pity, it could be a nice feature, but unfortunaly there is no documentation how to configure it or how to use it.

I added the following to the header_tpl.php file at line 47.

$pageid = "users:home_" . $INFO['client'];
$wlink = wl( $pageid );
echo "<a href='$wlink' class='action'>Userpage </a>";
//end mod

That section now looks like this.

                        if (!empty($_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'])) {
                            echo '<li class="user">';
                            tpl_userinfo(); /* 'Logged in as ...' */
                            $pageid = "users:home_" . $INFO['client'];
                            $wlink = wl( $pageid );
                            echo "<a href='$wlink' class='action'>Userpage </a>";
                            //end mod
                            echo '</li>';
                        tpl_action('admin', 1, 'li');
                        tpl_action('profile', 1, 'li');
                        tpl_action('register', 1, 'li');
                        tpl_action('login', 1, 'li');
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