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 author     : Andreas Gohr  author     : Andreas Gohr 
 email      :  email      : 
-type       : +type       : Action
 lastupdate : 2017-03-18 lastupdate : 2017-03-18
-compatible : Frusterick Manners+compatible : Frusterick Manners, Greebo, Hogfather
 depends    :  depends    : 
 conflicts  conflicts 
 similar    :  similar    : 
-tags       : javascript, toolbar, sort, indent, wordcount, list, tables+tags       : javascript, toolbar, sort, indent, wordcount, list, findandreplace, toolbox, replace, find
 downloadurl: downloadurl:
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 sourcerepo : sourcerepo :
 donationurl: donationurl:
 ---- ----
 ===== Download and Installation ===== ===== Download and Installation =====
-Download and install the plugin using the [[plugin:plugin|Plugin Manager]] using the URL given above. Refer to [[:Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.+Search and install the plugin using the [[plugin:extension|Extension Manager]]. Refer to [[:Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually. 
 +==== Browser Extensions ==== 
 +If you want to use this plugin on a wiki that does not have it installed (eg. on or a wiki where you have no administrative control) you can also install it as a browser extension((It's a [[|WebExtension]] suitable for multiple browsers)). 
 +The browser extension will automatically inject the appropriate JavaScript when you edit a DokuWiki page. It will look and feel exactly as if the plugin was installed for all users in that wiki. 
 +  * [[|Firefox Addon]] 
 +  * [[|Chrome Extension]]
 +Theoretically it should be possible to install the same extension in Microsoft Edge as well, but it seems their store is not open for developers, yet.
 ==== Changes ==== ==== Changes ====
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