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tagentry Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Assign tags using checkboxes

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Similar to tagadd

Tagged with editing, javascript, navigation, tags

The tagentry plugin displays a set of tags just below the edit form and automatically adds or modifies {{tag>}} in the wiki-text using JavaScript when a tag is clicked.

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Download and installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


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it doesn't work with Opera — tested with 9.64
JavaScript is enabled and other scripts (e.g. show/hide contents) is working

Tag tables formatting

Phi - 2010/08/25

Good plugin as far as I have used it. But the screen formatting was not very exciting.
The very simple / basic modification below is done in order to get a better formatting of the XML tables of tags:
  • uniform width for the columns of the table
  • one line for each box + tag label item.
Around line 250 in action.php of the plugin replace the three following lines:
    $rv.='<div class="'.$options['class'].'">';
    $rv.=' <div><label>'.$this->getLang('assign').'</label></div>';
    $rv.=' <div class="taglist"'.$dstyle.'>';
with the following
    $rv.='<div class="'.$options['class'].'">';
    if (!$options['tagboxtable']) $rv.=' <div><label>'.$this->getLang('assign').'</label></div>';
    $rv.=' <div><label>&#160</label></div>';
    $rv.=' <div class="taglist"'.$dstyle.'>';
    if ($options['tagboxtable']) {
       foreach ($alltags as $t) {
          if (is_array($options['blacklist']) 
              && $this->_in_casearray($t, $options['blacklist'])) 
          $ls = strlen($t);
          if ($ls > $lsmax) $lsmax=$ls;
       For ($j=1;$j<=$options['tablerowcnt'];$j++) {
            if ($j == 1) $rv.="Liste&#160des&#160tags&#160".str_repeat("&#160",$lsmax-8);
            if ($j > 1) $rv.=str_repeat("_",$lsmax+1);
    else {
       $rv.='  <div>';

Note: The title Liste des tags is in french but can be changed by whatever you want. Take care to use the &#160 “no-break space” characters to replace your space characters in the title.

I tried this edit, but my website wouldn't load when I made the change. Once I reverted back to the original code, my website ran normally. -JC

Use Heading of tag page

When the tag entry is a page in the namesapce tag (default tag plugin setting) you can display the first heading of the page (if useheading setting is checked) with this modifications in tagentry/action.php :

     * Return Header title or tag name
     * @param $tagname The name of tag without namespace
     * @return Title of the tag page or tag name formatted
    function _getTagTitle($tagname){
        global $conf;
        if( $conf['useheading'] ){
            $tagplugin = plugin_load('helper', 'tag');
            if ( plugin_isdisabled('tag') || !$tagplugin ) {
                //msg('The Tag Plugin must be installed to display tagentry.', -1);
                return $this->clipstring($tagname);
            $id = $tagname;
            $exist = false;
            resolve_pageID($tagplugin->namespace, $id, $exist);
            if( $exist ){
                return p_get_first_heading($id, false);
        return $this->clipstring($tagname);
    // Replace this line (in function _format_tags)
    $rv.=' /> '.$this->clipstring($t).'</label>&nbsp;';
    // By this
    $rv.=' /> '.$this->_getTagTitle($t).'</label>&nbsp;';

Sphaira 2013/12/23 14:43:26

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