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tablelayout Plugin

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plugin Set the width of table columns, freeze header rows, float the table, integrates with edittable plugin

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datatables, tabinclude, tablewidth, bootstrap3

A CosmoCode Plugin


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


The following example syntax will make the first fixed and show about 2 other rows in a scrollable container below. It will make the first column 20px wide and the second 30px. The table itself will be floating to the right.

^ header 1 ^ header 2 ^
| cell A1 | cell B1 |
| cell A2 | cell B2 |
| cell A3 | cell B3 |


The basic boilerplate is {{tablelayout?options}}. The options are specified like URL parameters:

Column widths

The option is colwidth and it expects a "-wrapped, ,-separated list of column-widths including the px unit. If you do not want to define the width of an element use -.

fixed header rows

You have to specify the two options rowsHeaderSource and rowsVisible. The first expects a positive integer specifying the number of rows that are fixed at the top. rowsVisible sets the number of rows that are visible below the fixed rows.

rowsHeaderSource can be set to Auto.


The option float takes one of three possible values: left, right, center. left and right let the table float to the left or right, center centers the table on the page.

By setting tableSearch=1 fields will be added above every column and one for the entire table.


By setting tableSort=1 sort buttons will be added for every column.


By setting tablePrint=1 a print button is added below the table, that opens only the table in a new window and triggers the browser's print dialog.





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