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Doesn't work in Google Chrome

Content of Tabs

I am currently testing the plugin and find out the following :

  1. All basic syntax is supported (i.e. the default buttons in the editor) except TITLES. So content in a tab could not be a sub-chapter whatever is the level.
  2. Wrap plugin is working fine inside
  3. You could edit each tab with a specific button
  4. If you add a table and use the edittable plugin, the edit button and the print one are not down the table but above the tab edit button. (I have not tested if 2 tables could be in a tab but I assume not).

Not sure why titles are not supported inside Tabs, but this will be definitely useful and nice especially if tabs could be processed as titles. I mean if you get a page with

  • Page title
    • Tab one (i.e chapter 1)
      • chapter 1.1
      • chapter 1.2
    • Tab two
      • chapter 2.1
      • chapter 2.2

in the content table. Let me know what do you think about it. — Bruno Généré 2019-06-19 16:50

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