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Synchronization Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Synchronize two Wiki installs via XMLRPC

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Similar to freesync

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Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.



The plugin needs to be installed on one side only (we're calling it the local side) eg. your laptop. The other wiki (the remote side) needs to have the remote enabled.

Once installed, the plugin is available in the admin interface.



Before syncing you need to create a Synchronization profile. The following options can be set:

Option Required Description
XMLRPC URL yes The full URL to the XMLRPC API of the remote wiki
Namespace no The namespace that should be synchronized between the two wikis. When none is given, everything is synced
Sync Depth yes By default all namespaces below the above given one are synced. You can restrict it here
Username no A user name at the remote wiki, the sync plugin will login with this name. Only pages readable by this user can be synced
:!: If your Wiki uses Basic access authentication by an HTTP dialog like then see “htaccess” under Notes for Username and Password 1)
Password no Password for the above user account
What to Sync yes Limit the syncing to pages or mediafiles

Hint: you can define multiple profiles accessing the same remote wiki to be able to selectively sync different parts.



When you select a profile and hit “Start Synchronization”, the plugin will gather a list of files that are different between the local and the remote wiki. It automatically suggests in which direction files should be synced if possible. Files can be:

  • copied from the remote to the local wiki (overwriting existing local pages)
  • copied to the remote from the local wiki (overwriting existing remote pages)
  • or both versions can be kept as is

A link labeled “Diff” next to each page will open a difference view in a popup.

Below the list of changed files a summary can be given which will be used for the recent changes view in the remote and local wiki.


  • the remote Wiki needs to have the remote interface to be enabled
  • if the remote Wiki uses the remoteuser option, you need to specify a privileged user in the login config of the sync profile
  • it is not possible to sync a remote namespace to a differently named local namespace as this would break links and such, if you want to sync multiple wikis, it is recommended to install mutliple local wiki instances on your laptop
  • to get through .htaccess password protection, use as the URL
  • The plugin only syncs content (pages and media) not templates or configuration data


:!: Please don't report any bugs or feature requests here but instead use the bug tracker! :!:

see Mozilla Developer Network for technical details
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