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Line 6: Line 6:
 email      :  email      : 
 type       : helper, syntax type       : helper, syntax
-lastupdate : 2020-10-13+lastupdate : 2021-06-09
 compatible : Hogfather, Greebo  compatible : Hogfather, Greebo 
 depends    :  depends    : 
 conflicts  conflicts 
 similar    :  similar    : 
-tags       : svg, media, image, images, diagram, diagrams+tags       : svg, media, image, images, diagram
 downloadurl: downloadurl:
-bugtracker : :
 sourcerepo : sourcerepo :
 donationurl:  donationurl: 
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 screenshot_img : screenshot_img :
 ---- ----
 +===== Requirements =====
 +PHP 7+ and [[|libxml libraries]] required.
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
Line 189: Line 193:
 You may set this in a couple ways: You may set this in a couple ways:
-  - You may configure this globally in the admin Configuration Settings panel under the svgEmbed plugin section.  If this box is checked, all SVG files placed by this plugin will be considered printable. +  - Affirmative printing:  you may make all SVG files printable by default globally in the admin Configuration Settings panel under the svgEmbed plugin section.  If the ''default_print'' box is checked, all SVG files placed by this plugin will be considered printable unless disabled in the wikitext
-  - If you do not want all SVG files to be printable, you can individually set the markup on the files to make them printable.+  - Selective printing:  you may decline to make all SVG files printable by default globally in the admin Configuration Settings panel under the svgEmbed plugin section.  If the ''default_print'' box is unchecked, no SVG files placed by this plugin will be considered printable unless explicitly configured in the wikitext.
 +To configure the wikitext, you can include the argument ''print:<setting>''.
 +^  Setting  ^ Configuration setting  ^
 +|  Enable   | One of:  1, true, yes, on  |
 +|  Disable  | One of:  0, false, no, off  |
 +Additionally, as a special case, the default meaning of the naked argument ''print'' with no setting value is the equivalent of enabled.
 +  - To set an SVG for printing: ''%%{{ :my:svg:file.svg?print:true |Test!}}%%''
 +  - To set an SVG to suppress printing (if configured to make all SVGs printable):  ''%%{{ :my:svg:file.svg?print:false |Test!}}%%''
 +Of course, these arguments can be combined with any other arguments this plugin accepts.
 +=== Styling SVG print button ===
 +The class for the SVG printing button is ''svgprintbutton_table'', and the SVG itself is wrapped in ''svgembed_print_border''; on my particular wiki using the [[template:monobook|Monobook]] template I am styling using the following CSS:
 +<code css>
 +/* SVG printing button */
 +.dokuwiki div.svgprintbutton_table button {
 +  font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
 +  background: transparent;
 +  border-top: none;
 +  border-left: 1px dashed #ccf;
 +  border-right: 1px dashed #ccf;
 +  border-bottom: 1px dashed #ccf;
 +  border-radius-bottom: 4px;
 +  color: #ccc;
 +  font-size: 80%;
 +  padding: 3px;
 +.dokuwiki div.svgprintbutton_table:hover button {
 +  border-left: 1px solid #fcc;
 +  border-right: 1px solid #fcc;
 +  border-bottom: 1px solid #fcc;
 +  color: #f99;
 +.svgembed_print_border {
 +  background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
 +With this code I get a small button that is dim when normal, slightly grey-pink when hovered, and while it's hovered the JavaScript for this plugin triggers the last set of rules to slightly darken the background of the SVG file to show what would be printed if the button is pressed.
 +==== Export to PDF with DW2PDF ====
 +Export with [[plugin:dw2pdf|DW2PDF]] is now supported.  For this functionality ''<img>'' tag is used for output since the [[|documentation for mPDF's HTML support]] specifies that ''<embed>'' and ''<object>'' are not supported tags for rendering to PDF.
 +Unfortunately, due to this it means that links in SVG files cannot realistically be supported in the PDF output.
 +This may not be in final form.  Further testing is needed, but does not affect anything if you are not using DW2PDF.
 ===== Development ===== ===== Development =====
 === Change Log === === Change Log ===
 +  * **2021-06-09**
 +    * Added initial support for [[plugin:dw2pdf|DW2PDF plugin]] ([[|GitHub issue #9]]).  See [[#export_to_pdf_with_dw2pdf|the section on this]] for more information.
   * **2020-06-07**   * **2020-06-07**
     * Made change to make compatible with Hogfather RC2.     * Made change to make compatible with Hogfather RC2.
Line 212: Line 275:
   * **2019-06-21**   * **2019-06-21**
     * Initial release     * Initial release
 +=== Limitations ===
 +SVGZ (compressed SVG) files are not supported because of the way the plugin operates.  This does not limit DokuWiki functionality since, technically, it doesn't support SVGZ either.
 === Known Bugs and Issues === === Known Bugs and Issues ===
-None.  If you find a bug, please [[|submit a bug]] at the [[|project's github]].+  * Currently, SVG file positioning may be an issue with the DW2PDF integration.  I will be working on this at a future date. 
 +If you find a bug, please [[|submit a bug]] at the [[|project's github]].
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