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plugin DokuWiki plugin to generate user surveys with multiple levels of questions and answers

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This plugin creates some kind of Expert system inside DokuWiki and can be used for knowledge bases, FAQs, questionnaires and so on. I wrote it, because we were needing a system to elaborate user problems on a hotline to either solve the problem or have enough information for second level.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


We're roughly using the unordered list syntax here to create a tree of questions and answers. There has to be only one entry on the topmost level, which is the first, the “root” question. The next level contains possible answers. Underneath these answers can be other questions and so on.

  * What's the species?
    * Human
    * Animal
      * Has it claws?
        * Yes
        * No
          * Is it big?
            * Yes
              * It's an [[|Elephant]]!
            * No
    * Plant

In this simple example, the user is asked the root question “Whats the species?” and can choose between “Human”, “Animal” and “Plant”. Clicking on “Animal” reveals another question and so on. In this example there's one real exit point and that's “It's an Elephant”.

As you can see, we're supporting external http and ftp and internal links using the common link syntax here. Also an alternative name can be specified.

Support note

People have complained about the survey plugin not rendering at all. Just a border of the survey is shown with no functionalities. This seems to be because of a bug in an old include-Plugin installation. Please update the include plugin using the plugin manager, if you have such problems. (Thanks to Holger for letting my clarify this)


Change Log

ToDo/Wish List

  • [?] I think, the code is rubbish. Perhaps someone can give me a hand over at github to clear up the logic of the code. I can't seem to get my head around it.
  • [Michael - 2011/12] - I like the idea of the plug-in - it forces the users to make simple decision paths.
    I was able to make it work, but I noticed that Internal wiki URLs are not supported when the have “_” in the name space it is “translated in <u> :-(
    It would be great to see a fix for that - I am not a programmer.
  • Where will these data be stored/saved???????? -James
    • No data is actually saved. It just interprets the source code and leads the user through the answers. If you want to save the answers of the user, you have to implement a backend method for this. This isn't (currently) supported.
  • Are you still developing this? I think with the ability to add images, and dokuwiki markup this could be an amazing plugin. - Craig
  • I agree, the idea is great, but it does not seems to work, at least in my setup. -Alexandre
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